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Elder Maxson's final conversation is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The holotape can be found in Fort Defiance, on the fourth floor. It is in Elizabeth Taggerdy's room, on her desk.


Roger Maxson: Lizzy. Takano says the satellite's failing. So this is it.

Elizabeth Taggerdy: Elder, I'm not ready for this. Can't the Scribes do anything about it?

Roger Maxson: No. The infrastructure of the Old World is failing. You are the absolute best second-in-command I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Now is the time for you to be in charge, Lizzy. I know you're up for it. I know you won't let your men down.

Elizabeth Taggerdy: Roger, we don't have the men for the mission. The Bravos just keep coming.

Roger Maxson: Then find new men. Think outside the playbook.

Elizabeth Taggerdy: Elder, you trust the outsiders too readily. They will betray you.

Roger Maxson: You, too, Paladin? Everyone around me keeps saying shut the world out, only look out for ourselves. Even my goddam son. But the Brotherhood alone can't rebuild what's lost. We need them. Hell, our whole plan is for them.

Elizabeth Taggerdy: I'm not thinking of some far off future, Elder. I'm worried about today. And tomorrow. We're fighting non-stop to keep the Bravos contained. I can't afford a weak link.

Roger Maxson: I trust your judgment. If our Scribes find anything new, I'll see if we can get word to you somehow. And Lizzy *static*