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For the robe that was cut from Fallout Shelter, see Elder Lyon's robe.


Elder Lyons' robe is a unique piece of clothing in Fallout 3, worn by Elder Lyons of the Brotherhood of Steel. It resembles a scribe's robes, except its color, having a dark gray-blue tone.


It provides a damage resistance of 3 and cannot be repaired (except by merchants).


The robes can be found on Elder Lyons in the Citadel. To obtain it, it must be reverse-pickpocketed from him, using a set of armor with higher DR.


  • The Pip-Boy icon is that of a Vault 101 jumpsuit.
  • There is no female skin so it is identical to a Vault 101 jumpsuit in appearance when worn by one.
  • When dropped, it is identical to a Vault 101 jumpsuit in appearance.
  • It is possible to obtain two copies. Simply reverse pickpocket it from Elder Lyons, then proceed to Broken Steel, after which Elder Lyons will be reset with his robe.


  • Icon pc.png The armor covers the Pip-Boy, making use of the Pip-Boy somewhat tricky, but in some rare cases, such as the use of a Stealth Boy, the part of the robes covering the Pip-Boy disappear while the Pip-Boy is in use. [verified]
  • Icon pc.png If worn by a female, the right hand disappears in first and third person though brass knuckles and spiked knuckles cause visibility (see image below). [verified]
  • Icon xbox360.png If a male NPC wearing this were to have his head shot off, it would then transform into an indescribable metallic object. [verified]