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This is a transcript for dialogue with Elder Lyons.


Has the Brotherhood ever faced a real challenge? Anger 50 A real challenge? Every blessed hour of every blessed day. 1
Anger 25 Just because we have good equipment doesn't mean we're invincible. A tool is only as good as the craftsman who holds it. 2
Sad 50 And I've seen my share of friends lost. Between the fighting, the Outcasts, and the everyday tragedies, we've seen plenty of grief in these Wastes. 3
Okay, I think I understand. Neutral 50 By all means. I'm always proud to talk of my Brotherhood. 4
Can you tell me about the Outcasts? Sad 50 The Outcasts are a result of my greatest mistake. But a mistake I'm proud of, nonetheless. 5
Anger 10 When I came here, I realized for the first time that the Brotherhood's technology could truly save the survivors in this Wasteland. 6
Sad 25 I chose to help them, even if it meant putting the Brotherhood's interests at risk. Some of my soldiers called me a hero. Others called me a traitor. 7
Sad 10 The dissenters left my command, calling themselves Outcasts to mock me. I cannot fault their dedication, even if I find them lacking in compassion. 8
I thought the protection of humanity was a part of the Brotherhood's oaths. Sad 10 Only in a very broad sense. The Brotherhood's oaths are to protect humanity's progress, but not necessarily every human. 9
Anger 50 The Outcasts - and members of the Brotherhood in other places - consider it a waste to protect most people. {Angry at their callousness} 10
Anger 25 "After all," they say, "everyone knows how to make another human, but the secrets to making a P94 Plasma Rifle are all but lost." {Mockingly spoken, angry at the inhumanity of the quote} 11
How do your remaining soldiers feel about the Outcasts? Sad 10 Even now, a year after they left, the wounds of their departure are still sore. 12
Happy 25 Some of my soldiers are angry about it they see it as an insult to me. Bless them for their loyalty, they're more angry about it than I ever was. 13
Neutral 50 Others understand their decision. Sometimes I hear them wondering if they should have gone with them. 14
Anger 10 I can't blame them, but I stand by my decision. And I respect theirs. 15
Has your decision been worth it? Anger 10 Has it been worth the cost in lives and resources to protect people like you from the Super Mutants? {A little offended} 16
Anger 25 You tell me. I suspect my daughter's squad helped save your life. And most of our recent recruits have come from those we've saved over the years. {A little offended} 17
Anger 10 It's cost us, but we've saved many lives and made the Capital Wasteland a place where people can live. Yes, I'd say that's been worth it. 18
That's enough about the Outcasts. Neutral 10 Yes, let's speak of other things. 19
BOSEnclave What do you know about the Enclave? Neutral 50 More than anyone else, I dare say. Certainly enough to know they're the greatest threat the Capital Wasteland has ever faced. 20
Neutral 50 The Brotherhood of Steel has encountered the Enclave before, you see. Over thirty years ago, back in California. 21
Neutral 50 Then, they were led by a President Richardson. Now we've got this Eden to contend with. 22
Neutral 50 It matters not now, as before, they seek to control and destroy, all in the guise of restoring order. Your father, I fear, was just the beginning. 23
BOSSuperMutantReveal The Super Mutants are coming from Vault 87. It's their breeding ground. Neutral 50 Vault 87? Where you found the G.E.C.K.? We've never been able to penetrate the radiation surrounding that area... 24
Neutral 50 This information is invaluable! Well done! 25
BOSSuperMutants Anything you can tell me about the Super Mutants? Neutral 50 Would you believe... "no"? It's pathetic, really, considering we've been fighting those abominations for nearly twenty years. 26
Neutral 50 In all that time, all we've managed to do is contain the threat. Hold them back, so they don't overrun every blasted settlement out here. 27
Neutral 50 But we don't really "know" anything. Where they're from, why they've infested the D.C. ruins. 28
Neutral 50 And now here we are, holed up in our Citadel. Low on resources, low on troops. It's enough to make an old man so very... tired. 29
Elder Lyons, we should talk about the Super Mutants. Neutral 50 Oh? Have you learned something? 30
Anything more you can tell me about the Super Mutants? Happy 50 My child, you seem to have learned more in your brief time than I have in twenty years! 31
BoSBailOut2 Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Certainly. 32
BoSHowLongBeenHere How long have you been here? Neutral 50 It's been over twenty years since we arrived. And we've been struggling to contain and eradicate the Super Mutants for nearly as long. 33
Neutral 50 With the arrival of the Enclave, I have a terrible feeling the Super Mutants are the least of our worries. 34
BoSIntro I'd like to know more about the Brotherhood of Steel. Neutral 50 The Brotherhood is an old organization, going back to the years just after the war. We are but a part of it. What would you like to know? 35
I'd like to know more about the Brotherhood of Steel. Neutral 50 What more did you want to know? 36
BoSWhyHere Why are you here in the Capital Wasteland? Surprise 20 Ah, now that's the real question, isn't it? 37
Neutral 50 Our orders were, and are, to acquire any and all advanced technology. And we have, to the best of our abilities. 38
Anger 20 But when I realized the extent of the Super Mutant threat, I felt it was my responsibility to aid the people in their struggle against them. 39
Neutral 50 Unfortunately, my superiors back west disagree with my assessment of the situation. They feel I've grown too "attached" to the local populace. 40
Happy 50 And they're right. 41
Neutral 50 In any event, the Enclave's arrival changes everything... 42
BosBailOut That's all I wanted to know. Neutral 50 So be it. 43
BosRestofBoS If you're just a part of the Brotherhood, where's the rest of it? Neutral 50 The Brotherhood began on the West Coast, and exists there still. We were dispatched to this location many years ago. 44
Neutral 50 In truth, the Brotherhood of Steel has been struggling for years, both here and back home. 45
Neutral 50 Honor, truth, courage these virtues seem to have little meaning in these troubled times, I'm afraid. 46
CitElderLyonsPermission I'd like permission to trade. Neutral 50 This is not normally something that we do. Trade with outsiders has proven to be... problematic in the past. 47
Neutral 50 However, considering the circumstances... So be it. I'll send word to Durga that you have full access to trade. 48
CitadelLyonsHolo1 CitadelLyonsHolo1 Neutral 50 According to our latest reconnaissance report, Enclave soldiers have taken complete control of the Project Purity facility. 49
Neutral 50 They've brutally murdered innocent scientists, including James. He went there to revive the project, and died for his efforts. 50
Neutral 50 They will answer for their crimes. I haven't worked so hard just to sit idly by and watch the Enclave undo what little we've accomplished here. 51
CitadelLyonsHolo2 CitadelLyonsHolo2 Neutral 50 Here I sit, in the safety of the Citadel, while the people of the Wasteland thirst, and suffer, and die. Here I sit, a failed, feeble old man. 52
Neutral 50 What have I really accomplished? How many have I truly helped? The Super Mutants still roam rampant. The people still die of thirst and radiation. 53
Neutral 50 The Western Elders cease to acknowledge my existence. Some of my own people have even gone Outcast. 54
Neutral 50 And now... the Enclave. Technologically superior. Infinitely resourceful. The time has come to pass the mantle to more able hands. But is she ready? 55
CitadelLyonsHolo3 CitadelLyonsHolo3 Neutral 50 I cannot I will not allow the Enclave to control the one thing that could bring even the slightest spark of hope to these people. 56
Neutral 50 Project Purity would mean millions of gallons of pure, clean water for the people of the Capital Wasteland. 57
Neutral 50 James never got the damned thing to run. Neither did we, for that matter. But the Enclave... 58
Neutral 50 If they controlled that much clean water... they would control the entire Capital Wasteland. 59
Neutral 50 I simply cannot allow that to happen. 60
DLC03BS1Elder1DidItWork What about the purifier? Did it work? Neutral 50 Indeed it did. The Tidal Basin is full of fresh, clean water now. 61
Neutral 50 We've been working to see that it's distributed to as many people as possible across the Wasteland. 62
Neutral 50 In fact, I'm hopeful that soon we won't be referring to "the Wasteland" any longer. 63
Neutral 50 None of this would have been possible without the efforts of both you and your father. I doubt we shall ever be able to truly repay you. 64
What about the purifier? Did it work? Neutral 50 Yes, it did. We've been distributing the water as best we can. 65
Neutral 50 There have been reports of some... problems, but we're dealing with them. 66
Neutral 50 Without your assistance, this never would have been possible. We all owe both you and your father a great deal of thanks. 67
DLC03BS1Elder1DidWeWin Did we win? Did we beat the Enclave? Neutral 50 Yes, we most certainly did. 68
Neutral 50 Between your help in destroying their headquarters, and their subsequent defeat at the purifier, the Enclave was thrown into disarray. 69
Neutral 50 Liberty Prime has been assisting our forces in removing any remaining Enclave forces. 70
Did we win? Did we beat the Enclave? Neutral 50 Yes, we most certainly did. 71
Neutral 50 After securing the purifier, our forces were sent to deal with the Enclave in full. 72
Neutral 50 The Pride and Liberty Prime made short work of their base of operations, and have since been cleaning up pockets of resistance. 73
DLC03BS1Elder1HowLongOut How long was I out? Neutral 50 Just about two weeks. 74
Neutral 50 Don't worry. We've been taking good care of you. 75
DLC03BS1Elder1SoWhatNow So what happens now? Neutral 50 Well, that's really up to you, isn't it? 76
Neutral 50 The Brotherhood has a clear plan of action: the remnants of the Enclave must be swept away. 77
Neutral 50 The Pride has been working to this end ever since we took the purifier back. 78
Neutral 50 The only remaining question is whether we can count on you to help us. 79
DLC03BS1Elder1ThanksImOut Wow. Well, thanks for taking care of me. I'm out of here. Neutral 50 I wonder if you might be willing to aid us a bit further. 80
Neutral 50 While we've had a decisive victory, the Enclave threat hasn't been removed yet. 81
DLC03BS1Elder1WhereIsSarah Where is Sarah? Is she okay? Neutral 50 She's right here. Unresponsive, but stable. 82
Neutral 50 To see that you've recovered gives me hope... 83
I'm sorry about Sarah. Neutral 50 I appreciate that. 84
Neutral 50 As a soldier and a leader, I know that losses are unavoidable in times of war. 85
Neutral 50 But as a father... {sad} 86
DLC03BS1Elder2NeedHelp Is there any way I can help? Neutral 50 Indeed, we can use every able body available to us. 87
Neutral 50 To that end, I am going to circumvent our standard recruitment procedures and declare you a Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel. 88
Neutral 50 Before you do anything else, please speak with Scribe Rothchild. I'm sure he'll be pleased to see you again. 89
Neutral 50 He can brief you on the details of the last few weeks, as well as where our efforts are focused now. 90
Neutral 50 I understand that you've been through quite an ordeal, but the sooner you can talk to him, the sooner we can put an end to all this. 91
DLC03BS1Elder2NotInterested No thanks. I've had enough of this. Neutral 50 That's a shame. We could use your assistance. 92
Neutral 50 And since you have done so much to aid our cause, and proven yourself more than capable, you have been named a Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel. 93
Neutral 50 Should you change your mind, Scribe Rothchild can brief you on what's been going on these last few weeks. 94
DLC03BS1ElderGreet1 Where's Sarah? Is she okay? Neutral 50 Yes, yes. She's fine. Or, she will be. 95
Neutral 50 I appreciate your concern for her, but really, don't worry. You've been through enough. 96
About Sarah... Neutral 50 It's all right, I understand. 97
Neutral 50 I have no doubt she refused to allow you to put yourself in harm's way. 98
Neutral 50 We all owe her a great debt. And I... I could not be prouder. 99
DLC03BS1ElderGreet2 What's going on? Neutral 50 It's all right, you're safe now. You're in the Citadel. 100
Neutral 50 There was some sort of energy spike as the purifier started. You and Sarah were knocked unconscious, and brought here to the infirmary. 101
Neutral 50 We've been watching over the two of you for days. I'm glad to see it's paid off. 102
What's going on? Neutral 50 It's all right, you're safe now. You're in the Citadel. 103
Neutral 50 There was an explosion as the purifier started. You were knocked unconscious, and brought here to the infirmary. 104
Neutral 50 We've been watching over you for days. I am glad to see that our efforts weren't in vain. 105
DLC03BS1ElderGreet3 What happened? How did I get here? Neutral 50 Please, relax. Everything is fine. 106
Neutral 50 You were brought back to the Citadel after some sort of energy spike in the purifier. You and Sarah were both knocked unconscious. 107
Neutral 50 Quite a bit has happened since then. 108
What happened? How did I get here? Neutral 50 Please, relax. Everything is fine. 109
Neutral 50 You were found unconscious in the purifier control room, and brought back here for treatment. 110
Neutral 50 Quite a bit has happened since then. 111
DLC03BS1ElderStage50A You couldn't have known this would happen. No one knew. Neutral 50 And yet here we are. 112
Neutral 50 Discounting the fact that our best field commander is in a coma, and my personal feelings for my daughter, things have not gone well. 113
Neutral 50 If we fail now, we could lose everything. 114
You couldn't have known this would happen. No one knew. Neutral 50 And yet here we are. 115
Neutral 50 I've lost my daughter, and the Brotherhood has lost its best field commander. Our very existence is jeopardized if we cannot defeat the Enclave. 116
Neutral 50 And with the loss of Liberty Prime, defeating them may have become impossible. 117
DLC03BS1ElderStage50B Well, it's too late to turn back now. Neutral 50 You're right, which is precisely my concern. We have pushed the Enclave, and now it seems they are pushing back, much harder than we expected. 118
Neutral 50 If we cannot identify and neutralize this new threat, we have little hope for success. It's already cost us our greatest weapon. 119
DLC03BS1ElderStage50C Now's not really the time to be getting cold feet. Neutral 50 No, it's far too late for that now. We committed ourselves to this course, and now we must see it through. 120
Neutral 50 I fear that victory may come at too high a price, if it can be achieved at all. 121
DLC03BS1ElderStage50FollowupA We have to keep fighting them. We can't back down now. Neutral 50 Very true. And to that end, I'd like you to speak with Paladin Tristan. 122
Neutral 50 He's requested you for a special assignment. One that could prove vital to our success. 123
DLC03BS1ElderStage50FollowupB Everyone here believes in you, and in the Brotherhood. We can do this. Neutral 50 I sincerely hope you are right. 124
Neutral 50 If we are to succeed now, it will once again be largely thanks to you. Paladin Tristan has requested you for a special assignment. 125
Neutral 50 Please report to him at once. We've little time to waste before the Enclave seizes this opportunity. 126
DLC03BS1ElderStage50FollowupC That doesn't sound like much of a leader talking. Neutral 50 Please, do not presume to tell me my place, or how I should act. I am well aware of my responsibilities. {annoyed} 127
Neutral 50 Now, if we're through, you need to report to Paladin Tristan. He has another assignment for you. 128
DLC03BS1TLElderWhatElseAboutWar What else can you tell me about the fight against the Enclave? Neutral 50 As you know, I had my reservations about engaging the Enclave. They did not directly attack us, and I believed we had time. Time to be cautious. 129
Neutral 50 Their assault on the purifier forced our hand. We had no choice but to engage them directly. 130
Neutral 50 And, once that engagement had begun, we could do nothing but see it through to the end. If they had not considered us a threat before, they do now. 131
Neutral 50 So we have spent the time since you and I last spoke systematically locating and destroying every bastion of Enclave force we can. 132
Neutral 50 Liberty Prime has proven far more successful than any of us could have hoped for. 133
DLC03PQTLBoSJob Is there anything else I can do to help the Brotherhood? Happy 50 Yes, yes indeed. 134
Neutral 50 I believe Paladin Tristan and Scribe Rothchild can enlighten you with a myriad of ways you can assist us. 135
Neutral 50 I'm glad to see even after all you've been through you're still willing to lend a hand. That's the mark of a noble member of the Brotherhood. 136
DLC03PQTLBrotherhood So, what happens to the Brotherhood now? Neutral 50 Although we've all but eradicated the Enclave, many difficult paths still stretch out before us. 137
Neutral 50 The Wasteland is still rife with peril, and I intend to dedicate the Brotherhood to maintaining it in a peaceful state. 138
Neutral 50 I hold out high hopes for you; that you'll still wish to be a part of our future and help us in our struggles. 139
DLC03PQTLEnclave So, have we totally wiped out the Enclave? Neutral 50 It would be naive of me to assume the Enclave threat is completely eradicated from our future. 140
Neutral 50 With their resources and advanced mobility, I wouldn't be surprised if we see them return to the Capital Wasteland one day. 141
DLC03TLPurifier What's going on with the purifier? Neutral 50 The Brotherhood has taken over control of the purifier, and is managing distribution of the water to the people of the Wasteland. 142
Neutral 50 If you travel there, speak with Scribe Bigsley. He's heading up the on-site operation. 143
DLC03TransitionTopic DLC03TransitionTopic Neutral 50 What do you mean, comatose? I'm sorry, but that's unacceptable. After all this, to be left in a state like that... 144
FFPAPermission Can someone in the Citadel train me to wear Power Armor? Neutral 50 Why yes. Yes, indeed, there is someone. Our intrepid Paladin Gunny trains all Initiates in the use of Power Armor. When they’re ready. 145
Neutral 50 Under the circumstances, I will allow Gunny to train you as well. 146
Neutral 50 You’ll find him in the Bailey. I will send word that I have given my approval. 147
Would you grant me permission to receive Power Armor training? Neutral 50 Hmm... Considering the circumstances, I think it would be prudent if you received such training, yes. 148
Neutral 50 Speak to Gunny, in the Bailey. He will train you in the proper use of Power Armor. Fear not, I will send word that I have given my approval. 149
Neutral 50 You’ll find him in the Bailey. I will send word that I have given my approval. 150
Can someone in the Citadel train me to wear Power Armor? Neutral 50 Under the circumstances, I will allow Paladin Gunny to train you. You’ll find him in the Bailey. 151
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Please, I have much work to do. Talk to Sarah about your role in the assault. 152
GREETING Neutral 50 You're reporting to Sarah from here on out. Don't let her down. 153
GREETING Neutral 50 So, you're back. We had feared both you and the G.E.C.K. were lost. Were you successful? 154
GREETING Neutral 50 You have my condolences. Your father was a good man. {sympathetic} 155
GREETING Neutral 50 When I first met you some time ago, I was leery of your motivations and even more concerned with your methods. 156
Happy 70 At the battle for Project Purity, you proved yourself... and any doubt that I had about you dissipated on that day. 157
Disgust 60 Now, with the Enclave in ruins and with you to thank for it, I'm almost at a complete loss for words. 158
Happy 90 I feel proud to call you one of our own, and I promise that what you've done here today will be recorded by our scribes as a historic moment. 159
Neutral 50 On behalf of the Brotherhood of Steel and on behalf of the free people of this Wasteland, I thank you. 160
GREETING Neutral 50 I trust you've spoken with Rothchild? I hope he can make some headway with the data you recovered. 161
Neutral 50 With our primary weapon destroyed, we risk losing our momentum and jeopardizing the entire campaign. 162
Neutral 50 I must admit, I now wonder whether moving ahead with this operation was an error in judgment. 163
GREETING Neutral 50 Paladin Tristan sent word that you'd be returning with something useful for us. Please, find Scribe Rothchild before you do anything else. 164
GREETING Neutral 50 I'd hoped that you would be off assisting Paladin Tristan. What do you need? 165
GREETING Neutral 50 If you haven't yet done so, please see Rothchild soon. 166
GREETING Neutral 50 Careful now, careful. Don't move too quickly. Everything's fine. You're safe... You're in the Citadel. {soothing, trying to calm someone who's just woken from a terrible accident} 167
Neutral 50 I was starting to think you might never wake up, despite assurances to the contrary. 168
Neutral 50 I've been coming down here every day to see both you and my daughter. It's good that at least one of you has recovered. {trying hard to sound happy} 169
GREETING Neutral 50 Easy now, take it slow. Don't move too quickly. It's all right, you're in the Citadel now. Relax. {soothing, trying to calm someone who's just woken from a terrible accident} 170
Neutral 50 I was starting to think you might never wake up, despite assurances to the contrary. 171
Neutral 50 It's good to see you on your feet again. {trying hard to sound happy} 172
GREETING Neutral 50 Ah yes, is there something you wished to discuss? 173
GREETING Happy 50 The time for talk is over. Now, you must act. Go to the purifier. Make your father proud! 174
GREETING Neutral 50 Yes? 175
GREETING Neutral 50 Hail to you, son of James. 176
GREETING Neutral 50 Hail to you, daughter of James. 177
GREETING Neutral 50 Ah, it's good to see you again. 178
MQ06ElderLyonsGreeting1 Thank you. I'm not sure what to do now that he's gone. Neutral 50 The most we can do is carry on his spirit. Live as he would have; make our world a better place. 179
MQ06ElderLyonsGreeting2 I don't recall asking for sympathy. Disgust 30 Really... I assumed that you would have taken after your father. I assumed incorrectly. {mildly annoyed} 180
MQ06ElderLyonsGreeting3 Thanks, I guess. Neutral 50 Think nothing of it. Your father was a visionary. He spent his life trying to make this world a better place for all of us. Few can say that. 181
MQ09LyonsDontAnswerToYou I don't have to explain anything. I don't answer to you. Anger 50 When we're done, I may just string you up from your precious purifier. 182
Anger 20 Clearly we need to revise our strategy... 183
MQ09LyonsDontHaveGECK I don't have the G.E.C.K. anymore. Neutral 50 Why not? Where is it? 184
MQ09LyonsEnclaveDoesntHaveCode The Enclave doesn't have the activation code. They can't start the purifier. Neutral 50 Well, that gives us a little more time. 185
Neutral 50 But how long do we have before they figure it out? This makes this situation far more dire... 186
MQ09LyonsEnclaveInfighting The Enclave is fractured. They're not as unified as they'd like us to believe. Neutral 50 That's good news. Perhaps we can use it to our advantage. 187
Neutral 50 Still, we cannot afford to wait and see what happens. It seems we must act now... 188
MQ09LyonsEnclaveTookGECK The Enclave took the G.E.C.K. They're installing it now. Neutral 50 Then we must go at once! 189
Neutral 50 If you have any other information, tell me now before we mobilize. Any help you can give might save lives. 190
MQ09LyonsEscapedRavenRock I escaped from Raven Rock. Neutral 50 You are either very lucky, or very resourceful. You're the first I've heard to come out of there alive. 191
Neutral 50 It's good to have you back, but I wish you had brought better news. We need to revise our strategy... 192
MQ09LyonsGreetEnclaveGotMe I was captured by the Enclave. Neutral 50 You were? And yet you stand here before me. I find this hard to believe. 193
Neutral 50 What has happened? 194
MQ09LyonsGreetHaveToMove There's no time. We have to move now or we'll lose Project Purity. Neutral 50 You think I am unaware? We've watched the build-up around the facility for the last week. 195
Neutral 50 Has something new happened? 196
MQ09LyonsGreetSortOf Well, sort of. I found the G.E.C.K. Neutral 50 Excellent. With that, we hold the key to keeping the Enclave from controlling the purifier. 197
MQ09LyonsNotThatSimple Well, it's not quite that simple... Neutral 50 What do you mean? Explain yourself! 198
MQ09LyonsPresGaveMeVirus He wants me to add this virus to the purifier. I think you should take it. Neutral 50 You've done the right thing. I'll turn this over to the Scribes for analysis. 199
Neutral 50 We need to decide on a plan of action... 200
MQ09LyonsPresWantedToSabotagePurifier Eden wanted me to sabotage the project with some kind of virus. Neutral 50 I see. And where is this virus now? 201
MQ09LyonsPresidentLetMeGo The President let me go. Neutral 50 Is that so? I find your story increasingly hard to swallow. Why would he do such a thing? 202
MQ09LyonsRavenRockDestroyed Raven Rock is destroyed. Surprise 50 Is it now? 203
Neutral 50 That's an unexpected but welcome surprise. Hopefully it'll reduce their ability to defend themselves. 204
Neutral 50 With that in mind, we need to revise our strategy. 205
MQ09LyonsVirusDontHaveIt I don't have it anymore. <Lie.> Neutral 50 Just as well. No good could come from it. 206
Neutral 50 We need to decide on a course of action. Something must be done. 207
MQ09LyonsVirusHereTakeIt I have it here. Take it. Neutral 50 Thank you. I'll see to it that it's disposed of properly, once the Scribes have had time to analyze it. 208
Neutral 50 Perhaps we have underestimated the Enclave. Sarah may be right; an attack may be necessary now. 209
Are you in charge of the um... the robot?
So what's the deal with the robot? Happy 20 Ah yes. Everyone asks about the robot. Hard not to, I admit. {amused} 210
Neutral 50 His name is "Liberty Prime." Very patriotic. Built by a very proud nation, during a very desperate time. 211
Neutral 50 We've had about as much success getting him working as they did. You should speak with Scribe Rothchild. He can tell you more. 212


CitElderLyonsMealBlessing1 CitElderLyonsMealBlessing1 Neutral 50 Brothers, as we take our meal this day, let us reflect upon the words of Elder Patrocolus of the Montana Bunker. 213
CitElderLyonsMealBlessing1 Neutral 50 "It is in service of Steel and guardianship of one's Brothers that each man finds his purpose. My friends, stand with your Brothers. Guard them... 214
CitElderLyonsMealBlessing1 Neutral 50 ...guide them. And in each of them find purpose." Look around this table, my Brothers. Look into the eyes of each man and woman seated here today. 215
CitElderLyonsMealBlessing1 Neutral 50 Pledge in your hearts and minds, pledge by your guns that you will stand with them in battle until the end. Trust each of them with your life. 216
CitElderLyonsMealBlessing1 Neutral 50 And earn the trust of each in turn. Eat well, my friends. 217
CitElderLyonsMealBlessing2 CitElderLyonsMealBlessing2 Neutral 50 Brothers, today I offer a simple prayer. 218
CitElderLyonsMealBlessing2 Neutral 50 Hail, Creator. Blessed is your power and mighty is your gift of Steel. 219
CitElderLyonsMealBlessing2 Neutral 50 Bless us today, your noble warriors who dwell in this hall. 220
CitElderLyonsMealBlessing2 Neutral 50 Let us ride upon wings of thunder and chariots of glory, to bring destruction to your enemies. 221
CitElderLyonsMealBlessing2 Neutral 50 To bring destruction upon your wicked enemies." 222
CitTalkBowditchElderLyons2 CitTalkBowditchElderLyons2 Neutral 50 Excellent. I'm a bit concerned, though. Last week, you mentioned a possible delay in the secondary modifications? 223
CitTalkBowditchElderLyons2 Neutral 50 I'm pleased to hear that. Do you anticipate any setbacks? Last month's progress was, well... let's call it "underwhelming." 224
CitTalkBowditchElderLyons4 CitTalkBowditchElderLyons4 Neutral 50 We have shortages all around, my friend. Make do the best you can. We may not have the Enclave's resources... but we do have you. 225
CitTalkBowditchElderLyons4 Neutral 50 You'll make do, Bowditch. You always do. 226
CitTalkElderLyonsSarahLyons1 CitTalkElderLyonsSarahLyons1 Neutral 50 Certainly, Sarah. What's on your mind? 227
CitTalkElderLyonsSarahLyons1 Neutral 50 Yes, my daughter? What is it? 228
CitTalkElderLyonsSarahLyons3 CitTalkElderLyonsSarahLyons3 Sad 20 Oh, Sarah. My dear, sweet girl. So eager you are to rush headlong into battle. But no, not now. Not yet. Our time will come, fear not. 229
CitTalkElderLyonsSarahLyons3 Neutral 50 You may be a Sentinel, but you're also my daughter. And I won't throw your life away fighting an enemy we know too little about. I'm sorry, but no. 230
CitTalkKnightElderLyonsResponse1 CitTalkElderLyonsKnightResponse1 Neutral 50 At ease, son. 231
CitTalkElderLyonsKnightResponse1 Neutral 50 As you were, Knight. 232
CitTalkElderLyonsKnightResponse1 Neutral 50 Knight. 233
CitTalkPeabodyElderLyons2 CitTalkPeabodyElderLyons2 Neutral 50 That name is not to be spoken within this Citadel. Do you understand? I wish it were not so, truly I do, but he is Outcast. He has been judged. 234
CitTalkPeabodyElderLyons2 Neutral 50 Scribe. You are not to speak the name of an Outcast in the walls of the Citadel. Is that understood? 235
CitTalkPeabodyElderLyons4 CitTalkPeabodyElderLyons4 Neutral 50 I understand, Peabody. But you'll need to make do the best you can. If our weapons can't penetrate that Enclave armor, we stand no chance. 236
CitTalkPeabodyElderLyons4 Neutral 50 Then make do with what you have. We may lack the Enclave's resources, but I'm counting on your ingenuity to make up for that! 237
CitTalkRothchildElderLyons2 CitTalkRothchildElderLyons2 Neutral 50 About that. Are you still having that issue with the head laser? I think the term you used was "invariably destructive"... 238
CitTalkRothchildElderLyons2 Neutral 50 Precisely what I'd like to speak with you about. What's this I hear about power consumption actually increasing? We both know that's not an option. {emphasis on "increasing."} 239
CitTalkRothchildElderLyons4 CitTalkRothchildElderLyons4 Neutral 50 Rothchild, old friend, you're a brilliant technician. But this old man's patience is wearing thin. I want a full status report in three hours. 240
CitTalkRothchildElderLyons4 Neutral 50 I come to you for results, not excuses, Rothchild. That robot could mean the difference between victory or defeat against the Enclave. 241
GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Please be careful. I would hate to lose you again. 242
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Until we meet again. Do take care. 243
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Hail. 244
HELLO HELLO Happy 100 Well done! Well done indeed! 245
HELLO Happy 90 Welcome back, my friend. 246
HELLO Neutral 50 Ah, so nice to see you back at the Citadel. 247
HELLO Neutral 50 Finding your way about all right? 248
HELLO Neutral 50 Scribe Bowditch. I'd like to hear your report on those latest armor modifications. 249
HELLO Neutral 50 Scribe Bowditch, I trust you are well. I'm here for your progress report on the modified Recon Armor. 250
HELLO Neutral 50 Scribe Peabody. How does the day find you? 251
HELLO Neutral 50 Hello, Scribe Peabody. I trust that things are well with you? 252
HELLO Neutral 50 Rothchild, a word please. 253
HELLO Neutral 50 If you have a moment, Scribe Rothchild... 254
MQ06LiRothchildConv MQ06LiRothchildConv Neutral 50 Very well. We'll sort this all out. 255
MQ06LiRothchildConv Neutral 50 All right, Madison. It'll be okay. Now, this is James' daughter, I presume? I can see the resemblance. 256
MQ06LiRothchildConv Neutral 50 All right, Madison. It'll be okay. Now, this is James' son, I presume? I can see the resemblance. 257
MQ06LiRothchildConv Surprise 50 Is that so? Does the Enclave know this? 258
MQ06LiRothchildConv Neutral 50 Now now, calm down. You know as well as I do that the purifier doesn't work. It's useless to them. Perhaps it's time to walk away. 259
MQ06LiRothchildConv Sad 20 Then it's as we feared. Madison, I'm sorry this happened. I wish we could have done something... {regretful, consoling} 260
MQ06LiRothchildConv Neutral 20 Yes, I'd heard reports of an incident there. What details can you give us? {calm, collected} 261
MQ06LiRothchildConv Happy 10 Madison, I'm surprised to see you here. What can I do for you? {pleasant, slightly smug} 262
MQ09ElderSarahConv MQ09ElderSarahConv Neutral 50 You don't have to like it, Sarah. You just have to follow orders. 263
MQ09ElderSarahConv Neutral 50 And if you fail, then what? The risk is not worth the reward. 264
MQ09ElderSarahConv Neutral 50 We barely have the manpower to keep the Citadel fortified. We've been over this before, Sarah... 265
MQ11ElderSarahConv MQ11ElderSarahConv Neutral 50 Then it's decided. Sarah, you take the Pride and use the robot as support. Take our friend here and secure that purifier. 266
MQ11ElderSarahConv Neutral 50 Rothchild, enough. Can you make it work? 267
MQ11ElderSarahConv Neutral 50 So? 268
MQ11ElderSarahConv Neutral 50 All right, Sarah. The Pride goes in. But I want them to have some extra firepower. Rothchild, is it ready? 269
MQ11ElderSarahConv Neutral 50 I'm afraid you're right. We need to act now while we can. 270


Attack Attack Neutral 50 Forward, brothers! 271
Attack Neutral 50 For the Brotherhood! 272
Pickpocket Pickpocket Surprise 50 You will cease at once. 273