My folks back home have lights at night thanks to what we're doing here.NCR trooper, Fallout: New Vegas

The El Dorado substation is a power sub-station near HELIOS One, occupied by the New California Republic. Located south-west of Vault 11, north-west of El Dorado Dry Lake and to the north of HELIOS One.


Taking the incredible energy from HELIOS One and converting it into usable electricity occurs here, at the substation and adjacent transformer yard, both of which are guarded by NCR troops.


The location consists of a single building and a large array of transformers. The building itself is a tall concrete structure with a garage door entrance and a barricaded side door. In front of the building, on its east side is an empty dumpster and several feet from the north side's outer wall is a collapsed power line frame. There are eight NCR troopers guarding the area, one being a sergeant, some of which may be sleeping in the building.

As you approach the building you are told by a guard not to enter the building or fenced-in area. If they catch you doing either, they will shoot on sight.


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  • The friendly trooper, once triggered to approach you, will chase you until they can deliver the message, even all the way to the gates of Freeside.
  • The soldiers and the sergeant will respawn if killed.
  • No matter your reputation with the NCR, the troopers will not allow you to enter either restricted area.
  • Using the override chip, even if you do it without getting caught, will result in NCR infamy, albeit a trivial amount that won't change your standing on its own.
  • If your human companion is Boone, he will leave you as soon as the NCR soldiers inside the control room discover you. If you enter the room covertly and you have finished I Forgot to Remember to Forget quest convincing Boone to be bloodthirsty, he will single-handedly murder every soldier inside the substation control room and stay with you.
  • The gate to the fenced-in area is locked requiring an 'Average' lock to be picked to gain entry.
  • Even if one is hidden when picking this lock, the NCR troopers will become hostile when you approach them.


The El Dorado substation appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • This structure appears to be the real world equivalent Techren Solar Substation, located west of the Eldorado Dry Lake and north of Nevada Solar One, the in game HELIOS One, in Boulder City, Nevada.


  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 From inside the substation, the exit will read "Open Garage Door to Crimson Caravan Company" when highlighted. This is aesthetic only; you will not be transported to the Crimson Caravan Company. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc Sometimes the soldiers may not spawn at all. [verified]
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