The El Dorado Dry Lake is a location in the Mojave Wasteland.


Located north of Novac, past the Gibson scrap yard and HELIOS One, the latter which rests on the coast of the lake bed. Highway 95 runs along its east side on which the Courier encounters the occasional traveling merchant and mercenary.

El Dorado Dry Lake is a vast expanse of sand and cracked earth, inspiring the same awe as the blasts that wrecked the earth. Nature's own forces of destruction work away at rocks, asphalt and peeling iron, while fire ants roam the area.


  • When fast traveling to the location, turning left upon arrival may greet the Courier with the sight of vicious dogs fighting with the fire ants over a dead pack brahmin carcass. The pack brahmin can be looted, however the owners of said animal appear only as mauled and half eaten static objects. The ground around the carnage is also browned and reddish hued in some places, suggesting they had bled out quickly and stained the ground.
  • There is a prospector's dog hanging out at the north side of the lake. It is not hostile, and cannot be interacted with, but it will attack any fire ants who come its way.
  • There are derelict vehicles on the northern edge of the dry lake by Vault 11. A regular truck and a military variant, street cleaner, motorcycle, one of only two Flea vehicles found in the Mojave, and a few engine blocks. If the regular truck, Flea, or the street cleaner are shot or hit by fire ant flame attacks, they will cause the largest chain reaction vehicle explosion available in Fallout: New Vegas.
    • The burning shells of the vehicles and a nearby container may become projectiles that are launched by the explosion, due to their high velocity they can inflict damage if struck by them.
    • In Hardcore mode, accidentally setting off the vehicles while near them can send a companion's corpse (or its pieces) over such a large area that it's nearly impossible to locate it. If the Courier is killed by the blast while standing atop the vehicles, the death cinematic may show them fly over Vault 11's entrance before coming down (as one example of the range the blast can hurl bodies).
    • The blast is potent enough at short-medium range to cripple nearly every limb on the Courier, even if using two of the three major crippled limb/explosive protection perks (Tough Guy, Adamantium Skeleton, Hit the Deck). This can allow the Courier to utilize Eye for Eye if Honest Hearts is installed.
  • There is an inaccessible tunnel in the dry lake that can serve as a spawn point for new ants, as well as a few other ant mounds that can act as spawn points.


El Dorado Dry Lake appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Translated from Spanish, "El Dorado" means "The Golden One," referencing the color of the land. Among Spain's 16th century conquistadors, El Dorado was a legendary city of gold.


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