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Egret Tours Marina is a location and settlement in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Founded in 2042, the marina of Egret Tours offered recreational activities including tours of the Charles River before the Great War.[1] Hour-long tours were offered every two hours between the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM. Daily fishing tours were also available.[2] By 2287, the marina has become the home of Phyllis Daily, a reclusive woman who is convinced she is a synth after accidentally killing her grandchild.


The marina features a partly destroyed brick building where Phyllis resides, an enclosed dry dock, a boat shed, and a Red Rocket filling station for watercraft. Several mines and tripwires are found around and inside the various marina structures when it is first encountered.

The marina should prove easily defensible as there are few vectors of approach, with attackers mostly invading from the small cliff next to the boat shed. Such attacks are frequent due to the random encounter spawn point on the drawbridge nearby to the north. The presence of deep water allows for water purifiers, and there is sufficient dirt for crops.

The settlement offers advantages while in Survival mode. It is fairly close to the edge of the Glowing Sea, and comes with both a weapons workbench and a cooking station in Phyllis' residence.

Notable loot

  • Nuka-Cola Quantum - On the floor of the Red Rocket station at the end of the pier.
  • Wasteland Survival Guide issue #3 - On the counter of the Red Rocket station at the end of the pier, above the brain fungus.
  • Teddy bear that is much larger than normal - On the bus on the drawbridge nearby to the north, in the driver's seat.


  • To unlock the settlement one can do any of the following:
    • Confront Phyllis about Samuel by first accessing her personal logs in her terminal or using a persuasion conversation option.
    • Kill Phyllis.
  • Choose any of the four options at the end of the dialogue. The choice determines how she greets the Sole Survivor afterward (either grateful or neutral), and which letter they will receive after she leaves; she will eventually leave regardless of the options chosen. Asking her to join the Commonwealth Minutemen requires a persuasion check.
  • After reading Phyllis' terminal entry about Samuel, the player character will be prompted with a new objective to confront Phyllis about Samuel. Speaking to Phyllis will force you through the entire dialogue with her, even if you had discussed Samuel with her prior to reading the terminal.
  • The location is fairly full of junk to set up a new settlement, with the exceptions of crystal and oil. Defenses are easily established, since gears are abundant through the presence of multiple fishing rods in the area.
  • Due to the direction from which NPCs tend to approach/invade the marina, provisioners and their pack brahmin often end up trapped on the roof of the boat shed. Building stairs leading down from the roof may remedy this.
  • Companions frequently comment on how quiet the location is and its proximity to water, with several making paranoid remarks. If Curie is brought here, she may ask "Can we go for a tour?"


Egret Tours Marina appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

Egret Tours Marina is in the same geographical location as Culter Park Reservation, on the shores of Kendrick Pond and the Charles River. It is known for its vast number of bird species, including several varieties of Great Egret.[3]