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Initial test subjects exhibited massive cranial deformities, which, coinciding with an overall loss in muscle tone, left them unable to properly function on a day-to-day basis. While some researchers felt the increased cognitive function was worth the impairment, it was decided that further test runs were needed.

Interestingly, the enhanced mental abilities of early test subjects vastly decreased the time necessary to make revisions to the formula, marking this as the fastest Trial-to-Final process.
The Whitespring bunker terminal entries

Egg Head is a mutation in Fallout 76.


Positive effects
+6 Intelligence
Negative effects
-3 Strength and Endurance


With the Class Freak perk at max rank, this mutation's downsides will show as "STR >-1 END >-1" in the Pip-Boy, as 75% of 3 is not an integer. The player's actual Strength and Endurance will be unaffected; however, stats derived from them such as carry weight, action points, and health will be slightly reduced.