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Edwin's gang are an independent, smaller raider group in Appalachia.


Edwin and his gang moved to Appalachia around 2103, settling somewhere in the region of the Ash Heap.[2] Despite Edwin being the leader, his niece Ronny, who was to succeed him, already managed the gang on her own.

During Beckett's quest to dismantle the leadership of the Blood Eagles, he asked for Edwin and Ronny's support, as he was good friends with Edwin during the time Beckett was part of his gang. After some tasks and favors between both parties, eventually, with the help of Ronny and her people and the Vault 76 dweller, Beckett accomplished his mission. Not long afterwards Edwin finally retired due to his age and bad health, making Ronny the only leader of the raider group.[1]




Edwin's gang is mentioned only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


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    (Beckett's dialogue)
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