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Scorchbeast lure and trap powering on. The device will entice the beast to land and the trap will keep it grounded for the duration of the battery life. So, kill it quick. These things are brutal and nasty. Good luck folks.

Edward "Eddie" Hayes, Jr. was a survival trainer at Camp Venture that was involved in the training of many Free States members before 2081.[1]


Prior to the Great War, Eddie Hayes was a member of the Free States and an instructor at the Virginias Endurance and Survival Training (V.E.S.T.) facility. Here, he trained Free States members and other would-be survivalists to survive the apocalypse that was all but certain in the minds of many Free States members. Hayes, always the opportunist, even attempted to recruit like-minded trainees to the cause.[2] Though Hayes had his own bunker located somewhere in Appalachia that he was reluctant to share with others, he was more than happy to consider sharing a bunker with one of his trainees, Ella Ames.[3]

Around September 2077, Hayes and the other members of the Free States retreated to their bunkers,[4] leaving the survival training camp is disrepair when Taggerdy's Thunder arrived after the Great War.[5]

When the Free States emerged from their bunkers in the first half of 2079,[6] Hayes worked with other members of the Free States to help rebuild Harpers Ferry. Though he was resentful at how poorly the people of Harpers Ferry treated his people before the bombs dropped, he begrudgingly began to respect the people of the town.[7]

After the emergence of the Scorched Plague, Hayes was involved in missions that involved mostly gathering supplies, setting up equipment for the Free States Scorched Detection System and culling their numbers.[8] He also discovered the Vine Heart of the strangler vines within the swamp.[9]


Edward Hayes is mentioned only in Fallout 76.