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What I am about to do will almost assuredly make of me a villain in the eyes of many. My work is distasteful, and must be conducted in secret. Here, for whatever person may one day hear this, I say for the record that what I will do I do out of love. An unselfish love that knows no rest. Not for a person. No clichéd deceased spouse or lost child motivates me. Humanity is my love, though none would accuse me of excess sentiment.— Dr. Edgar Blackburn, FEV research log #1

Doctor Edgar Blackburn is an independent scientist and researcher operating in Appalachia.

Blackburn first appears visiting Fort Atlas to request technology and equipment from the Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force. However, the events of the Steel Reign questline gradually reveal that Blackburn was an employee of West Tek before the Great War, and is the culprit behind several disappearances in Appalachia, capturing wastelanders for human test subjects in a revival of his scientific work. Blackburn hopes to undo West Tek's creation of the super mutants and reinvent humanity using FEV, no matter the cost.[3]


Blackburn worked as a research scientist before the Great War, and was trained in multiple specialties. He was a colleague of Farha and Jain. He clashed with Farha on the ethical boundaries of research, and he and Jain only became familiar with each other after they both went on to work at West Tek.

As he was fortunate enough to survive the bombs dropping, he decided to continue his research, despite the conditions, and instead focus his efforts on the health of the people of Appalachia.[4] He is mostly interested in the diseases and viruses present in the region, as many of its residents have been over-reliant on "folk remedies and makeshift medicines." He is especially concerned by the long-term effects of radiation in the area, stating that just because it is survivable, does not mean that it is safe.[5] He prefers to work in solitude, and although he has more appreciation for the hygiene standards of Foundation than the Crater, he remains independent in his scientific pursuits.[6] Doctor Blackburn freely admits that his social skills are not the best, and although he attempts to remain professional, he recognizes that he can be "rather unthinkingly brusque."[7]

At some point, Blackburn began working with Jain, Farha and Nellie Wright to see if they could improve the FEV virus as a means to help humanity thrive in the wasteland. In doing so, they conducted harsh and fatal experiments in Vault 96 on non-consenting abducted people such as Cassie Halloway. Blackburn also once subjected a mole rat to several thousand volts. In order to acquire human test subjects, Blackburn contracted with a group of mercenaries called the Hellcat Company who did not question the ethics of his work.

As the Brotherhood returned to Appalachia, led by the First Expeditionary Force, Doctor Blackburn heard that they possessed advanced technology. Interested, he traveled to Fort Atlas to see if an arrangement could be made with the group, as his research occasionally requires items that are hard to obtain through normal scavenging and bartering. However, upon arrival, Blackburn saw that the Brotherhood was less organized than he expected, and theorized that their technological needs likely outweighed his own.[8]

Quite a while later, while Knight Shin leads an assault on the super mutants, Paladin Rahmani takes it upon herself to investigate their cause. Rahmani and the Vault Dweller discover Blackburn is responsible. Blackburn is tracked to Vault 96 where he is apprehended by Odessa Valdez. He is brought to Fort Atlas and questioned, but Blackburn only threatens the Brotherhood that he is a step ahead of them, and he has allies working to test FEV out in the wild.

Desperate to stop the FEV spread, Rahmani and Shin escort Blackburn to West Tek. Blackburn manages to regroup with his allies Jain, Farha and Nellie. He decides to become a test subject for the FEV and is fought as a super mutant behemoth, but he is killed by the Brotherhood.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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This character cannot be killed. Status expires when The Catalyst boss fight begins.
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This character is involved in quests.


  • Forging Trust: Dr. Blackburn is one of four civilians inside Fort Atlas, each with their own problems and requests for the Brotherhood of Steel. Knight Shin asks that the player character interview these civilians, though ultimately Shin discards Blackburn's request. Unless Blackburn is willing to fully work for the Brotherhood, conducting his research for and under the supervision of the Brotherhood, Shin cannot give resources to a civilian scientist, especially if this research proves dangerous.[9]
  • A Satisfied Conscience: Blackburn is confronted in Vault 96 by the Vault Dweller and Valdez at the end of the quest.
  • The Catalyst: Blackburn is being apprehended in Fort Atlas. He later appears in the FEV production facility beneath West Tek. After reuniting with his associates, he injects himself and is fought as a large mutant.


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Notable quotes[]


If Cassie Halloway is informed of Blackburn's death, she mentions that she is almost sorry for him, saying regarding the experimentation and killings that, "it seemed like he hated what he was doing." However, the harm that he caused and deaths that occurred at his hands outweigh any sympathy she has for him, hoping that he "died badly."[10]

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Edgar Blackburn appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update and expanded upon in the Steel Reign update.



Super mutant behemoth[]


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