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This is a transcript for dialogue with Edgar Hardin.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 It looks like you've managed to talk some sense into the Elder, outsider. Be assured, I'll still be keeping an eye on him. 1
Neutral 50 {Grudging} Your efforts to help this chapter are not unappreciated. Now, what can I do for you? 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Welcome, my friend. A new day has dawned for this chapter, and moving forward we will no longer cower in the dark. 3
Neutral 50 And we have you to thank for it. You'll find that I can be generous to those who show loyalty. 4
Neutral 50 Here, take this key. If you ever find yourself in need of repair, head to our safehouse to the northeast. 5
Neutral 50 Now, what can I do for you? 6
GREETING Neutral 50 {Hardin, haven't listened to him yet} Are you willing to listen to me now, outsider? 7
GREETING Neutral 50 Have you reconsidered helping me, outsider? I do what I must to see that the chapter survives. 8
GREETING Neutral 50 What is it, outsider? Have you discovered anything? 9
GREETING Happy 50 Welcome back, my friend. What can I do for you? 10
GREETING Neutral 50 What do you want, outsider? 11
GREETING Neutral 50 I appreciate all you've done, but I'm going to have my hands full for a little while. Come back later and we'll talk. 12
HVHardinHELIOS Tell me about the battle at HELIOS. Neutral 50 HELIOS was the worst goddamned action I've seen in a long, long career of fighting. 13
HVHardinLastElder Tell me about your last Elder. Neutral 50 Elijah was a strange one. His even becoming Elder was highly questionable, seeing as how he was a Scribe. Typically, only Paladins are eligible. 14
Neutral 50 But an exception was made in his case, on account of him being a genius. Unfortunately, whatever scientific acumen he had didn't extend to tactics. 15
Neutral 50 Trying to defend HELIOS was a blunder of the worst kind, and many brothers lost their lives because of it. 16
Neutral 50 Many of the senior paladins, myself included, advised him to fight a retreating action, but he refused to budge. Said he almost "had it working". 17
Neutral 50 We never did find out exactly what he was talking about. When the perimeter was finally overrun, the Elder had simply vanished. 18
HVHardinSoundsPlayerOut HVHardinSoundsPlayerOut Neutral 50 So, you're the outsider that's been given leave to wander around freely. Desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess. 19
Neutral 50 Name's Hardin. I'm the Head Paladin of this chapter, and I think we might be able to help each other out. 20
Neutral 50 I don't know what the Elder talked to you about, but I can tell you this chapter is in trouble, and he's at the center of it. 21
Neutral 50 Are you willing to listen to what I have to say? 22
HardinPowerArmorTraining HardinPowerArmorTraining Neutral 50 ...There, I think you've got the hang of it now. You should be able to use any type of power armor you come across using what you just learned. 23
HardinPowerArmorTraining Neutral 50 Very well, then. In addition to the armor, I've given the order that all of our arms and equipment be made available for your purchase. 24
Neutral 50 Finally, while you are now a member of the Brotherhood, I cannot ask any more of you. I'm sure you have goals of your own outside these walls. 25
Neutral 50 You are free to come and go as you please, though I hope you'll return to us someday in a more permanent capacity. 26
Neutral 50 I wish you the best, {outsider} outsid- {beat, catches himself} Brother. 27
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic000 Sure, go ahead. Neutral 50 As you may have already heard, this entire base is under a state of lockdown. No one goes out except small patrols at night. 28
Neutral 50 Most of the chapter has been sealed in here for years, and those few who were outside when the lockdown was initiated are forbidden from returning. 29
Neutral 50 Morale has plummeted as time has gone by, and many of our current paladins haven't even seen combat outside of training simulations. 30
Neutral 50 And all because of the Elder's explicit order that no one be allowed in or out. The only way things will change is if a new Elder is installed. 31
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic001 No, I won't listen to you. Neutral 50 If you change your mind, though, come find me, and we'll talk more. 32
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic002 Why should I trust you? Neutral 50 Why should you trust the Elder? I'd recommend listening to both of us, and choosing whom to trust for yourself. 33
Neutral 50 So are you willing to listen? 34
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic003 And I suppose you'd nominate yourself? Neutral 50 {Proud, but not vain} I would. I'm the senior-most paladin in the Chapter, and have more combat experience than any two others here put together. 35
Neutral 50 I'd gladly support another candidate, but no one has the courage to step forward and make the attempt, so it falls to me. 36
Neutral 50 I would put this chapter back on the right path, if I could just assume leadership. 37
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic004 What about Veronica? She seems to come and go as she pleases. Neutral 50 Veronica's a special case. She handles the procurement of supplies. If we didn't let her and those like her back in, we'd all starve. 38
Neutral 50 If the Elder could manage it, he'd shut them out as well, and all in the name of security. Which is why we need to replace him. 39
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic005 Have you tried bringing this up with the Elder yourself? Neutral 50 Of course I have. Many times, in fact. The Elder has an open door policy, and will listen to advice on any subject, save this one. 40
Neutral 50 He refuses to see that our isolation is slowly weakening us. Aside from being our duty, going out on missions is what kept us strong. 41
Neutral 50 And because he fails to see that, he must be replaced. 42
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic008 How do you propose to do that? Neutral 50 I don't know. I've gone through our records dozens of times looking for a precedent regarding the dismissal of an Elder and come up with nothing. 43
Neutral 50 The people who are most likely to know how it could be done are also some of McNamara's strongest supporters, so they refuse to help me. 44
Neutral 50 Which is why we're having this conversation. An outsider such as yourself would arouse less suspicion asking questions about such matters. 45
Neutral 50 The fact that the Elder has some tasks for you means his faithful won't suspect you, and you have a line open to the man himself. 46
Neutral 50 In short, you're in a perfect position to help me. Will you at least think about it? 47
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic009 I want no part of this. Neutral 50 I half expected you to say that. In which case, I'll continue to pursue the matter on my own. 48
Neutral 50 Should you continue dealing with the Elder and find yourself beginning to see my point of view, I'll be around. 49
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic010 I'll see what I can do. Neutral 50 That'll have to do. I'd recommend going to see Ramos first. As head of security, he's more familiar with our protocols than anyone else here. 50
Neutral 50 You could also try to find something relevant in our datastore, though last I heard, Scribe Ibsen has having a bit of a problem accessing it. 51
Neutral 50 And if McNamara should give you any tasks, I'd ask that you kept me abreast of them. 52
Neutral 50 Report anything you find to me, and we'll move from there. 53
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic018 Never mind. Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 What did you have in mind? 54
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic019 What do I get out of helping you? Neutral 50 If I become Elder, the lockdown will be lifted, and we'll once again be able to send patrols out into the wastes. We'll become powerful again. 55
Neutral 50 And when that happens, it will be good to have the Brotherhood as an ally. Good enough? 56
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic020 So what happens now? Neutral 50 There are a number of people I'll need to talk to. The process won't be instantaneous, but with this evidence, my path is clear. 57
Neutral 50 It shouldn't take more than a few days, and then we can begin moving forward again. 58
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic021 Is there anything else for me to do? Neutral 50 No, your role in this is done. The rest is up to us. There is much for me to do to make the transition as smooth as possible. 59
Neutral 50 Come back in a few days, and I should be firmly installed as Elder. 60
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic022 About my reward... Neutral 50 While I can't dispute that you've earned our gratitude, I'm afraid you're going to have to be patient. Such a change takes time. 61
Neutral 50 Stop back in a few days, and we can speak of this again. Now, I must be off. There is much to do! 62
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic023 The Elder has me looking for the lost patrols and retrieving their mission discs. Neutral 50 Yes, I know the loss of the patrols has weighed heavily on his mind for some time. He took it very personally when they first went missing. 63
Neutral 50 That was when I first began to seriously question his ability to lead us. A commander has to be able to deal with the potential loss of his men. 64
Neutral 50 It's strange that he would ask you to find mission discs on them, however. The missing paladins were all on standard patrols, which don't need them. 65
Neutral 50 Only Brothers sent on special assignments are given mission discs. If you should find any on the lost patrols, let me know. 66
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic024 The Elder tasked me with contacting several scouts out in the waste. Neutral 50 That's a sensible notion. Your familiarity with the nearby terrain makes you perfect as a liason. 67
Neutral 50 I've been trying to get the Elder to send out scouts for years, and he's always been resistant to the idea. Said they'd be a vulnerability. 68
Neutral 50 I wonder what changed his mind. 69
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic025 The Elder has me looking for parts to fix the bunker's air filtration system. Neutral 50 The filtration system? He wouldn't have you looking if we didn't need those parts badly, which means that system's in real trouble. 70
Neutral 50 If the air filters go, it will become impossible to breathe down here. We'd be forced to evacuate the bunker! 71
Neutral 50 I can't believe he's kept something like this to himself! We should have every able-bodied person in the chapter working on this. 72
Neutral 50 All the more reason for you to find a way to get McNamara out of that chair, before he dooms us all. 73
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic026 I wanted to ask you some other questions. Neutral 50 If you must. 74
{Ask to join the Brotherhood}
I want to join the Brotherhood. Neutral 50 Yes, I thought you might, given how much time you've spent here. 75
Neutral 50 That's not usually a request we agree to. Typically, we take in the young, so that they might be trained through adolescence. 76
Neutral 50 In special cases, we allow exceptional individuals to conditionally join. Luckily for you, you happen to be exceptional. 77
Neutral 50 The condition is that you must complete a task. This task must prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have what it takes to join the Brotherhood. 78
Neutral 50 I happen to have something perfectly suitable in mind, though I warn you - it won't be easy. Still interested? 79
I wanted to ask about joining the Brotherhood again. Neutral 50 Had second thoughts, did you? We've made some progress since the lockdown was lifted, but the task I had in mind is still available if you want it. 80
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic028 I found the patrols for the Elder, and they had mission discs with orders from McNamara on them. Anger 50 {Increasingly angry} Just as I thought, McNamara gave my men new orders without telling me. The nerve of that man! 81
Disgust 50 This little stunt is probably what got them killed in the first place. Our normal patrol routes are known to be relatively safe. 82
I found the patrols for the Elder, and they had mission discs with orders from McNamara on them. Neutral 50 This is exactly what I've been looking for! McNamara gave my men new orders without telling me, thereby breaking the Chain That Binds! 83
Neutral 50 With this, I can finally have him removed as Elder, and end this ridiculous lockdown. 84
I found the patrols for the Elder, and they had mission discs with orders from McNamara on them. Neutral 50 This is exactly the kind of thing I'm trying to avoid by ousting McNamara. 85
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic029 Do you know anything about the Chain That Binds? Neutral 50 I could hardly call myself Head Paladin if I didn't. It's one of the first things every initiate learns when they start training. What about it? 86
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic030 Yes, what is the task? Neutral 50 Back when we were stationed at HELIOS, our scouts reported that a group was establishing itself in the area as a distributor of Pre-War weapons. 87
Neutral 50 Our Elder at the time, Elijah, was too concerned with getting HELIOS running and fending off the NCR, so he ordered us to leave them alone. 88
Neutral 50 It's time that we correct that oversight, and show this region that the Brotherhood is still a force to be reckoned with. 89
Neutral 50 I want you to visit these weapons dealers, this Van Graff family, and make an example of them. Leave no one alive. 90
Neutral 50 When the job is done, report back and I'll arrange for a team to clean up the site and retrieve the weapons. 91
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic031 One of the few times an Elder was dismissed was due to it. Neutral 50 I could be wrong, but I think that's a dead end. McNamara's always followed orders, and we've been incommunicado since fleeing HELIOS. 92
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic032 Did you know there's a second part to it? Neutral 50 Second part? What are you talking about? 93
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic033 It says a superior is not allowed to give orders to the men under his subordinate. Neutral 50 Then that means I can cast McNamara down for giving those secret orders to my Paladins! Well done! That's exactly what I was looking for! 94
It says a superior is not allowed to give orders to the men under his subordinate. Neutral 50 That is the standard procedure, yes. For example, McNamara gives orders to Head Scribe Taggart, who then relays further orders to the scribes. 95
Neutral 50 I wasn't aware that failing to do so was punishable, however. Interesting... 96
Neutral 50 If we can just find an instance where McNamara went around someone and gave orders to their subordinates, we'll have him. 97
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic034 Tell me what the task is before I agree to anything. Neutral 50 Is that a waver of resolve I sense? The Brotherhood is not in the habit of taking on the timid. 98
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic035 On second thought, I'm fine not joining the Brotherhood. Neutral 50 Hmph, I thought you were made of sterner stuff than that. The Brotherhood could use someone with your skills. 99
Neutral 50 In any case, was there something else you wanted? 100
On second thought, I'm fine not joining the Brotherhood. Neutral 50 Now you're just wasting my time. When you make up your mind, let me know. 101
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic036 I've taken care of the Van Graffs. Neutral 50 Well done. This is a small step in the right direction, but it's damn good to move forward again. Now, I believe congratulations are in order. 102
Neutral 50 It is my honor to bestow up on you the title of Paladin of the Brotherhood, for your meritorious service in its name. 103
Neutral 50 Normally, there'd be a ceremony and such, but everyone is too busy at the moment for such frivolity. 104
Neutral 50 I can give you this, however. Your very own suit of power armor. We can't spare our best, but I had the knights assemble this one for your use. 105
Neutral 50 Which reminds me, you don't even know how to use these, do you? 106
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic037 What do you think of the lockdown? Neutral 50 It's a travesty, is what it is. Every second we sit on our hands down here is another second that we're not fulfilling our sworn duty. 107
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic038 Actually, I already know how to use power armor. Neutral 50 Do you now? If I didn't already owe you a great deal I'd be highly suspicious right now. You'll have to tell me about it sometime. 108
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic039 I'd appreciate a lesson. Neutral 50 Here, I'll show you. It's easy, once you get used to it. First, we'll start with putting it on... 109
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic040 It's just like other armor, but heavy, right? Neutral 50 Not even close. Power armor isn't something you wear so much as {lightly stressed} use. It's a weapon in its own right, and takes skill to wield. 110
Neutral 50 If you don't know what you're doing, you won't even be able to walk with it on. So how about a bit of quick instruction? 111
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic041 Why do you dislike McNamara so much? Neutral 50 It's not that I dislike the Elder, but I strongly disapprove of his current style of leadership. We're safe, yes, but at what cost? 112
VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic042 What would you do if you became Elder? Neutral 50 After lifting the lockdown, the first thing I'd do is send scouts out to recon the area. We need to know what's going on out there. 113
Neutral 50 Next, I'd resume patrols in the near vicinity, and begin sending search teams out to the spots the scouts reported were relatively safe. 114
Neutral 50 It's standard procedure when a chapter relocates to an area, but standard procedure wasn't our last Elder's style, either. 115


HVHardinInitialLine HVHardinInitialLine Neutral 50 Nolan, we'll resume this discussion later. I can see you have company. 116
HVHardinVeronica HVHardinVeronica Neutral 50 Veronica. 117
HVHardinVeronica Neutral 50 I hope you've been practicing your drills, Veronica. It's dangerous outside. 118
HVMcNamaraHardinOpening HVMcNamaraHardinOpening Neutral 50 Then what do you propose? Every day that he's here, the risk increases. 119
HVMcNamaraHardinOpening Neutral 50 Better that than not act at all! 120
VMS49ElderDiscussion2Conclusion VMS49ElderDiscussion2Conclusion Neutral 50 {Losing patience} The Codex is clear on this. It's- 121
VMS49ElderDiscussion2Conclusion Disgust 15 It says they can't be trusted. 122
VMS49ElderDiscussion2Conclusion Anger 15 It says that we are to protect humanity from them at all costs. 123
VMS49ElderDiscussion2Conclusion Sad 25 I can't. 124
VMS49ElderDiscussion2Conclusion Sad 50 {Slightly Sad} Then we will accept that fate with honor. 125
VMS49ElderDiscussion2HELIOS VMS49ElderDiscussion2HELIOS Neutral 50 Then we have a game-changing weapon. 126
VMS49ElderDiscussion2HELIOS Neutral 50 It was worth keeping from our enemies. If they had it- 127
VMS49ElderDiscussion2HELIOS Neutral 50 We did as the Codex dictated. 128
VMS49ElderDiscussion2HELIOS Neutral 50 {Fuming} How dare you insult the honor of the brothers and sisters who died there! 129
VMS49ElderDiscussion2Intro VMS49ElderDiscussion2Intro Surprise 50 Shouldn't you be securing supplies for us? 130
VMS49ElderDiscussion2V22 VMS49ElderDiscussion2V22 Anger 10 I'm waiting to hear why this deserves our attention. 131
VMS49ElderDiscussion2V22 Sad 10 This won't defeat our enemies. 132
VMS49ElderDiscussion2V34 VMS49ElderDiscussion2V34 Neutral 50 Then it's a good thing this weapon has fallen into the right hands. 133
VMS49HardinDiscussion1 VMS49HardinDiscussion1 Neutral 50 What is it, Veronica? 134
VMS49HardinDiscussion1 Neutral 50 {Skeptical} Do you? 135
VMS49HardinDiscussion1 Neutral 50 For once, I agree. 136
VMS49HardinDiscussion1 Neutral 50 We can't let people go on believing the Brotherhood has lost its teeth. 137
VMS49HardinDiscussion1 Neutral 50 We must strike while our enemies are distracted with each other. 138
VMS49HardinDiscussion1 Neutral 50 Our entire two hundred years of history say that a handful of troops with the best equipment and training can stand up to any army. 139
VMS49HardinDiscussion1 Neutral 50 {Heated} That was a failure of strategy, not philosophy. If Father El{-ijah} - the Elder in charge were a Paladin and not a Scribe- 140
VMS49HardinDiscussion1 Neutral 50 History says otherwise. 141