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The Eden Meadows Cinemas radio station is a radio station in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor. It features a bored-sounding announcer reading information about the snack bar and upcoming releases, while interjecting several humorous comments.


The signal can be listened to when in close proximity of Eden Meadows Cinemas. It can be tuned to in the RADIO tab of the Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV.


You're listening to the Eden Meadows Drive In Cinemas Radio Broadcast.

But why just listen to the movies when you could see them in glorious high definition cinematic splendor. Here's what's playing now... A night at the movies beats boring conversation and family board game night every time. Here's what's playing now... Management has informed me that public displays of affection will no longer be tolerated at Eden Meadows Drive-In. Sorry. Here's what's playing now...

It's "Night of the Fish Men's Revenge," starring Carl Dickson and Synthia Marsh. You'll be frozen to your seat with fear. Just listen. A Mesozoic menace rises from a prehistoric lake to terrorize our women in "Night of the Fish Men's Revenge." Sounds like a real screamfest. Leave the kiddies at home for this next one. "Night of the Fish Men's Revenge" will have them shaking in their socks.

Ooo, how thrilling. Send chills up my spine. The excitement never stops at Eden Meadows Cinemas. Here's what's coming soon. If you thought that sounded great, what until you get a load of what's coming soon at Eden Meadows Cinema.

Neptune is under attack from the Zebulon Empire, and only dashing space rogue Blast Hannigan can save the day in "Invaders from Beyond Our Galaxy." The giant man-lizard is back and this time he's facing the sizeable synthetic simian in "Manzilloid versus Roborilla." When they fight, we all lose. It's murder most foul on a steam train in Bernard Switchback's latest thriller "The Murder Express." You'll be surprised at the killer's locoMOTIVE. Ugh... It's a love triangle at the zoo in "Animal Magnetism!" You'll go bananas...really?... for this mad cap comedy hit from the makers of "The Nut Factor." A savage land, filled with ancient magic and killer beasts awaits you in "Into the Hollow Earth." Filmed in glorious DinoVision.

Boy that sounded exciting, but not as exciting as what's playing this weekend at Eden Meadows Drive-In Cinemas. Wow, what an exciting line up we have coming soon. But none of them can possibly beat what's playing now on Screen B.

Keith McKinney and Stanley Van Robb star as The Fightin' Furies in "Last Stand at Fort McGee," a Western from the makers of "Aces and Eights." Grab your pistols and get ready for a old fashioned stand off as the Fightin' Furies return in "Last Stand at Fort McGee" Time to saddle up and circle the wagons as The Fightin' Furies take on bandits, Apache braves, and even the Confederate Army in "Last Stand at Fort McGee."

Yee Haw, y'all. All that western action made me hungry. Why not rustle up some hot dogs, available at the concessions stand. What a rootin' tootin good time. Speaking of "rootin," why not head to the snack bar for one of our delicious root beer floats, available now. Hungry, "pardner?" Why not mosey up to the concession stand and rustle up some grub? Our corral is more than just OK.

Behind the scenes

The announcer on this station was voiced by Brandon Keener.