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The Eddie Winter holotapes are a series of holotapes in Fallout 4. Collecting all those tapes across various police stations are required in the quest Long Time Coming where the player character is helping Nick Valentine hunt Eddie Winter.


  • Holotape 0 - BADTFL regional office: In the basement, on top of a two-drawer filing cabinet just behind a desk.
  • Holotape 1 - Given by Nick Valentine to the player character at the start of the Long Time Coming quest.
  • Holotape 2 - Malden Center: On the second floor of the police department located immediately south of the station, in the corner, on top of a desk next to a terminal.
  • Holotape 3 - Quincy police station: As one enters the cell and goes down the stairs, in the locker on the end.
  • Holotape 4 - Natick Police Department: On the ground floor, in a partially buried locker in the sunken part of the building.
  • Holotape 5 - Nahant Sherrif's Department: On top of a filing cabinet right in the front on the second floor.
  • Holotape 6 - East Boston police station: On the second floor, in the southeast desk.
  • Holotape 7 - South Boston Police Department: On the second floor, on top of a desk in the corner.
  • Holotape 8 - Police Precinct 8: In a cell on the far right when entering the building.
  • Holotape 9 - Coast Guard Pier: On the second floor, on top of an Advanced locked safe.


Eddie Winter holotape 0

Message to Aleksandr Strelnikov.
My esteemed Mister Strelnikov. I know someone of your profession values discretion above all else. But I have to honestly say... screw that! I mean, come on! 1 bullet, halfway across town, and you blew Ron Trevio's head clean off. You, sir, are an artist! Are all the assassins from Russia as good as you? I seriously doubt it. But listen. Your secret's safe with me.
Eddie Winter, signing off

Eddie Winter holotape 1

Message to Johnny Montrano
Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. You fat, lazy piece of shit. I knew, I KNEW this arrangement was too good to be true. Let's join forces with the North End! Bury the hatchet, work mutually against a common enemy! Well you put the nail in that coffin, huh boy-o? What did you have to do, Johnny? Huh? What was your job? Sit in your car, on the corner. Keep your eyes open. If you see a uniform, you get out, walk down the street, knock on the door, and let the fellas know there's trouble coming. Easy as pie, right? I coulda got a 9 year-old from the projects to do it. But no. In the interest of Irish/Italian relations, I give the job to you. So what happens? Nothing. Nothing happens. You sit on your fat ass dribbling cannoli cream onto your third chin. You watch. You WATCH the uniform blow months of planning, all in two minutes. Congratulations, Johnny. You got me. You and your pals sure put the screws to old Eddie Winter. You should tell this funny story to your little girl, when you tuck her in at night. In that corner bedroom, upstairs, pink wallpaper, little house on Prince Street. Ha ha.
Eddie Winter, signing off

Eddie Winter holotape 2

Message to Robert Cooper
You did good, Bobby. The wife and girl won't be saying anything. No worries. Hell, once those fat life insurance checks start rolling in, Mrs. Montrano will wish her fat slob of a husband had eaten that bullet 5 years ago. As for what happens next - up to you. Beach, sub shop, car yard - doesn't matter where he ends up. I don't give a shit - I just want him in the ground. So long as Johnny Senior never finds out what happens to his little meatball, we're set.
Eddie Winter, signing off

Eddie Winter holotape 3

Message to Robert Cooper
Bobby, we discussed this. You hooking up with your step sister is your own frigging business. But you talk in your sleep. Look, maybe you babble about baseball. Or sing show tunes. Or could be you chat about those 3 bodies Colin O'Malley dumped in the sand trap of Arlington Greens. You wanna take that chance? I know I don't. Sorry, Robert. The girl's gotta go.
Eddie Winter, signing off

Eddie Winter holotape 4

Message to Claire Pozinski
Dinner tonight. Me, you and Arthur Black. Reservations are for 7 at the Cornerstone Grille. Don't worry, I'll make sure Arthur's on his best behavior. No stabbing the waiter for a fucked up drink order, like what happened in Charlestown. Even though the prick deserved it. Love you.
Eddie Winter, signing off

Eddie Winter holotape 5

Message to Sal Barsconi
You and I clearly need to talk. About Danvers, about the Montrano mess, about everything. I think we'd both agree that our attempts to improve North/South relations have been a complete failure. Look, I take full responsibility for the behavior of my guys. I expect you to do the same for that fuckwit Montrano. But what happened in Danvers? I hardly know what to say. Your people turned that theater into a slaughterhouse. Those people are dead on your orders. Not mine. And for no conceivable reason I can see. So let's meet. Just the 2 of us. Talk it all out. You name the time and place.
Eddie Winter, signing off

Eddie Winter holotape 6

Message to Charlotte Wen
My Dear Ms. Wen. I hope you're well. After our little joint venture this past May, you should be. If memory serves correctly, that palette of Buffout earned you a small fortune, and Wu Li 8 years in the state correctional facility. So I got to thinking - why not do it again. We both love the same things: money, and destroying people who get in our way. Together, we'll outmaneuver them all. Boston will be ours for the taking. Let them playerIn-game spelling checkers. We'll play chess.
Eddie Winter, signing off

Eddie Winter holotape 7

Message to Buster Connolly
Nice piece you did on the monorail construction project. "Heaven's Highway - Devil's Doing." Cute. But I think you give organized crime too much credit. The various Boston families coming together to fund a public works project? Please. Clearly you've never sat down to dinner with these guys. They can barely agree on an appetizer. And ain't nobody jumping to pick up the check. The bosses had their hands in the honey pot, sure. But nowhere near the level you were suggesting. You did get one thing right, though - Safety Inspector Alice Lansky was killed. They'll never find her, cause there's nothing left. After he bashed her brains in with one of those giant wrenches, Vinnie "The Crackers" Vannucci dissolved her body in a barrel of hydrochloric acid. So write your follow-up. Then feel free to tell the cops that the murder weapon is hanging on the wall in Vannucci's Garage, on 4 Prince In-game spelling street.
Eddie Winter, signing off

Eddie Winter holotape 8

Message to Rodrigo Palomar
Okay, my friend. I thought about it, and I've reached a decision on the Fallon's job. Your cut is exactly what you deserve. 0 dollars. Zilch. You heard me right. You get nothing. Yes, you cracked the safe, and yes, we got the diamonds. But you also tripped the alarm. Mackie got pinched, and that is entirely your fault. Now, when he gets out, Mackie's going to want your head on a platter. I'm going to give him your share instead. I'd say you're getting off easy.
Eddie Winter, signing off

Eddie Winter holotape 9

Message to Claire Pozinski
Time to start thinking about vacation. How do 6 weeks in Ireland sound to you? Dublin, Galway Bay, Waterford. Maybe a week in that little bed and breakfast in Kilkenny? And no, don't worry, we do not have to take my cousin Steven with us. Let him get out of the country on his own. I told him to threaten that cop - not blast him in the face with a shotgun. He can rot in that abandoned fishery down on Union Wharf, for all I care. Love you.
Eddie Winter, signing off

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There are some voice dialogue/subtitle inconsistencies in the holotapes.

  • On holotape 0, Eddie's voice says "I honestly have to say... screw that!" while the subtitles say "I honestly have to say... fuck that!"[1]
  • On holotape 5, Eddie's voice uses the word "moron" while the subtitles use "fuckwit."[2]
  • On holotape 7 (message to Buster Connolly), Eddie's voice on the tape says that the garage is at 4 Charter Street, but the subtitles say 4 Prince Street.[3]