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Don't tell me you actually cracked my code? In the holotapes? Ha ha ha ha ha! Well hey, it's only been... what? Two hundred years?

Edward L. "Eddie" Winter is a ghoulified, pre-War mob boss living in Boston in 2287.


Eddie Winter was a notorious criminal and leader of an Irish crime family operating in Boston before the Great War. The Boston Bugle reported that he owned a sub shop in South Boston. He ordered the assassinations of Ron Trevio and Johnny Montrano, Jr. and participated in several robberies.[2] He was also a business partner and was involved in operations with the Wicked Shipping company.[3]

In 2077, Captain Jonathan Widmark and his Boston Police Department task force launched an official investigation on the mob boss, code-named "Operation Winter's End." During this investigation, the extent of Winter's crimes were revealed. He was involved in almost every type of crime, ranging from petty larceny to first-degree murder. It was suspected, though not proven, that Winter was behind the murder of the fiancée of the lead detective, Ms. Jennifer Lands, in August 2077.[4] Around October of that year, the Boston Police Department closed the case against Winter. This was done due to Winter's deal with the BADTFL to incriminate his associates. His cooperation with the district attorney granted him immunity from prosecution for his crimes.[5]

Eddie Winter willingly became a ghoul through a radiation experiment to obtain eternal life.[6] His choice of life as a criminal eventually catches up to him when the now-synth Nick Valentine confronts and kills him with the Sole Survivor.[7]

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Laundered loungewear Eddie's Peace


  • An image of Eddie Winter before he became a ghoul can be seen on any old copy of the Boston Bugle in-game.
  • Eddie is one of four male ghouls to have a full head of hair, the other three being Tommy Lonegan, Father Gabe, and the Vault-Tec rep.
  • Molly, a raider in Appalachia, mentions Eddie Winter when she describes how dangerous Boston was before the war, calling him "the monster himself."[8]


Eddie Winter appears only in Fallout 4 and is mentioned in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.



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