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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for all members of the Unwashed Villagers, fighting the Grim Reaper


{100}{}{You see Buffy, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.}
{101}{}{You see Doombot, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.}
{102}{}{You see Panoply, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.}
{103}{}{You see Lerk, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.}
{104}{}{You see Ymir, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.}
{105}{}{You see Iguana Eater, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.}
{106}{}{You see Night Owl, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.}
{107}{}{You see Shadow Dancer, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.}
{108}{}{You see Amish Commando, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.}
{109}{}{You see Alexand the Killer Bee, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.}
{110}{}{You see Hatchetman, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.}
{111}{}{You see BlueCross, a member of the Unwashed Villagers.}
# Examines
{113}{}{You see Buffy, a very beautiful, intelligent and perky cheerleader. First Woman of the Unwashed Villagers.}
{114}{}{You see Doombot, Sound Goddess and sister to Buffy. She kinda looks like Marie Osmond.}
{115}{}{You see Panoply, a pixie-like girl, whose eyes betray a slight case of dementia.}
{116}{}{You see Lerk, Leader of The Unwashed SWAT Team - Artist Of The Unwashed Villagers - Tree Talker.}
{117}{}{You see Ymir, the down under Poet & Co-Founding Member of the Poetry Bastards - Village Educator.}
{118}{}{You see Iguana Eater, High Lord of Smeet Lite.}
{119}{}{You see Night Owl, He Who Watches Over The Sleeping - Co-founder Of the Poetry Bastards.}
{120}{}{You see Shadow Dancer, Gothic Poetry Bastard - Oddly, he looks a lot like Kevin Bacon.}
{121}{}{You see Amish Commando, Commissar Of Blunt Force Trauma, Sub-commander Of The Unwashed SWAT Team.}
{122}{}{You see Alexand the Killer Bee, a gentle and intelligent variety of killer bee - Head Scribe Of The Unwashed Villagers.}
{123}{}{You see Hatchetman, Gunsmith of the Unwashed - Starter of fires - Keeper of the Shadowrun lore.}
{124}{}{You see BlueCross, Low Priest of the Unwashed - Manufacturing Director.}
# UV Leaving Floats
{200}{}{Unwashed Villagers save the day, once again!}
{201}{}{Death is too good for him.}
{202}{}{And stay dead!}
{203}{}{The village is safe, once again!}
{204}{}{We protect the innocent and keep the peace.}
{205}{}{And we're off to patrol the wastes. Keeping it save from spammers.}
{206}{}{Come join us sometime!}
{207}{}{Parting is such sweet sorrow....}
{208}{}{And the Devil came and saw how awful goodness was ....}
{209}{}{Payback's a bitch, aint it?}
{210}{}{Grim has finally found a use - fertilizer.}
{211}{}{That's what you get for using soap...}
{212}{}{We're out of here!}
{213}{}{'This house is clean.'}
{214}{}{Can I poke him with a stick to make sure?}
{215}{}{Don't wait up for us!}
{216}{}{Its a dirty job, and I really enjoy it!}
{217}{}{Back to patrol!}
{218}{}{The Unwashed Villagers. Keeping peace in a blasted wasteland.}
{219}{}{He got what he deserved.}
{220}{}{I'll race ya!}
# UV Combat Floats
{300}{}{Soap? We don't need no sticking soap!}
{301}{}{Rally unwashed! Destroy the Spammer!}
{302}{}{Death to the Spammer!}
{303}{}{This is for threatening people's lives!}
{304}{}{Now you will die Grim Reaper.}
{305}{}{You're going back 'down under'!}
{306}{}{The gene pool needs a little chlorine.}
{307}{}{Pay back time!}
{308}{}{Now you're going to get it.}
{309}{}{The Unwashed Villager are here to protect people from scum like you!}
{310}{}{Leave people alone!}
{311}{}{The power of DIRT!}
{312}{}{We may be Unwashed but we're here to clean up!}
{313}{}{You can not escape us this time!}
{314}{}{Protect the Chosen One from the Spammer's idiocies!}
{315}{}{Chosen One! Join us!}
{317}{}{You will never be 'Unwashed' childish fool!}
{318}{}{You don't have a chance!}
{319}{}{We're not finished yet!}
{320}{}{I've been waiting for this day for a looooong time.}
# 1 Buffy Personal Floats
{400}{}{This is for threatening me!}
{401}{}{Like I'm sure! You wouldn't hurt a girl are you?}
{402}{}{'Revenge is a dish best served cold.'}
{403}{}{I'm Buffy... your toast.}
# 2 Doombot Personal Floats
{405}{}{No one threatens Doombot!}
{406}{}{Grim Buster!}
# 3 Panoply Personal Floats
{410}{}{Only a guanabana could compare with the taste of this victory...}
# 4 Lerk Personal Floats
{415}{}{The village is a happy place, but you made it very, very angry.}
# 5 Ymir Personal Floats
{420}{}{You have embarrassed our country with your actions for the last time!}
# 6 Iguana Eater Personal Floats - None
# 7 Night Owl Personal Floats
{430}{}{I'm gonna put you to sleep for good!}
# 8 Shadow Dancer Personal Floats
{435}{}{We're all going to hell, and I'm driving the bus.}
{436}{}{Come my child, let me take your pain away.}
{437}{}{You're dead. You just don't know it yet.}
# 9 Amish Commando Personal Floats
{440}{}{Get some!}
{441}{}{You want some of this?}
{442}{}{Not the face, not the face!}
# 10 Killer Bee Personal Floats
{445}{}{Dante hasn't written about the hell I'm sending you to...}
# 11 Hatchetman Personal Floats
{450}{}{Guns! Guns! Guns! Where are my guns!}
{451}{}{Ok, yes. I'm crazy. Deal with it.}
# 12 BlueCross Personal Floats - None

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