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Echo Lake Lumber is a location and possible settlement on the the Island in 2287.


Echo Lake Lumber is an abandoned lumber mill that operated before the war. It advertised a lumberjack festival scheduled for Fall 2077 that included a log rolling course.[1] Its residents were driven from their homes when the fog claimed this part of the Island.


Echo Lake Lumber is one of the larger settlements in the game, capable of supporting the maximum number of settlers. There is a working terminal on the second floor of the main building. To the east, on a small island just past some lined up logs, a hidden bunker can be found.

Notable loot

  • The Harvester, a unique Ripper - In the grocery store, on the top floor inside of a red steamer trunk.
  • Levi's holotape - Inside a terminal on the second floor of the main building.
  • Two bottles of Vim - One at the bottom of the grandstands, on a little table behind a cash register. Another west of the "Echo Lake Lumber" entrance sign, inside the Vim machine left of the beverage concession stand.
  • A bottle of Vim Captain's Blend - On top of the Vim machine, left of the same beverage concession stand.
  • Two Daddy-O on a desk in the hidden bunker.

Related quests

  • Turn Back the Fog: Small Bertha asks the Sole Survivor to clear the location, after which it becomes available as one of the four Far Harbor settlements.


  • Upon clearing the location of ghouls during the quest Turn Back the Fog for Small Bertha, the quest objective completes. However, a character by name of Malcolm shows up and offers the Sole Survivor caps to allow him to ambush and then eat the settlers. Refusing the offer turns Malcolm hostile.
  • The Sole Survivor can clear out the area before gaining the quest from Bertha, allowing completion upon access to the quest.
  • If a trade caravan post is built, traders from the Commonwealth will arrive here.
  • This settlement will be impossible to use if siding against Far Harbor without first claiming it via the appropriate side quest for Small Bertha. However, the Sole Survivor will retain control of this settlement if they side against Far Harbor if they already have control.


Echo Lake Lumber appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


Playstation 4Playstation 4 The fast travel target might not work in this settlement. Restarting the game may fix. [verified]