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With my blood I do swear my life to the Judge and his Jury until the end, upon pain of torture and death.Blood contract

The East Boston Preparatory School is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The East Boston Preparatory School was founded by the Catholic Church as a religious preparatory school.[Non-canon 1] Before the war, students matched up with those attending D.B. Technical High School, another nearby Catholic institution, for Halloween Sadie Hawkins dances.[1] Over the years, the church was unable to sustain funding for the location, and local activists took over the school as a secular organization serving the immigrant population of East Boston.[Non-canon 1] The school was eventually abandoned during the economic recession before the Great War.[Non-canon 1]

A gang of raiders, led by Judge Zeller, has transformed the school into a reeducation camp to recruit new raiders and lure in unwary travelers.[Non-canon 1] This "reeducation" equates to torture; new raiders are broken in, each holding a blood contract which states their loyalty to the judge and his jury. Those who do not break are executed.[2][3][4][5][6][7]


The building is three stories tall, with the first flight of stairs next to the main entrance. The first floor is mostly blocked by debris but can be maneuvered through using classrooms. An airplane crashed through the southeastern wing of the school. Across from the entrance is a pair of chained doors that can only be accessed by the second floor. Farther down the hallway is another chained door, near which an exit to the Commonwealth can be found.

Across from the initial stairwell, through a restroom, lies a stage facility where the judge and his jury presumably meet, and which is hinted to host executions as well. Hop down to open the chained double doors to the entrance. Adjacent to the second floor hallway are two classrooms connected to each other. At the end of the hallway is a staircase on the right and a classroom directly ahead. The classroom allows the player character to jump down to the first floor and reach an otherwise inaccessible room with a book return terminal. The stairwell leads to the third floor.

On the third floor, available loot includes many ammo boxes. There are cells containing prisoners who can be freed by picking the cell doors (Novice), and terminals which detail the torturing of recruits. A set of cell keys can be found beside one of the terminals. There is a weapons workbench in the theater/execution room behind the chained double doors accessible from the second level.

Notable loot

  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales issue #12 - On the third floor, in the southeast room full of busted terminals and a tripwire trap. It is sitting on the desk on the east side of the room, between two terminals.
  • Mini nuke - On the second floor, in the classroom in the middle of the map, near a chemistry station. This is the same classroom as the third lunchbox, on top of a beaker stand. There is at least one frag mine nearby.
  • Cell key - On a desk with a terminal in the large room on the top floor; opens all cell doors.
  • Nine Vault-Tec lunchboxes.
    • The first is at the end of the first floor hallway, to the left under a flight of stairs, sitting on a school desk (almost next to the back entrance).
    • The second is on the second floor above the first classroom. Enter the corresponding classroom on the second floor (the one connected to the science lab) and look on the floor to the left upon entering the room to find the lunchbox underneath a pile of blue chairs.
    • The third can be found on the desk to the southeast from the second lunchbox (within the range of view).
    • For the fourth, exit the classroom through the doorway next to the pile of blue chairs (see lunchbox 2), and look straight ahead to find it lying on the floor next to some lockers near the opposite wall.
    • To find the fifth, turn left and look for lockers on the left next to a wall. The lunchbox is inside one of them.
    • The sixth and seventh can be acquired from the stage location on the first floor, on the left and right side of the walls.
    • The eighth is in the classroom at the end of the second floor hallway. It is next to a hole, sitting on a school desk. It is near a frag mine that can displace the lunchbox enough to render it uncollectable.
    • For the ninth, drop down into the room below and move to the adjacent room that isn't accessed by a door. It is on a bookshelf on the wall hugging the hallway.
  • Nine overdue books:
    • One in a locker in the hallway on the first floor.
    • Two in the bathroom on the second floor: one in a urinal and one in a toilet.
    • Two in the classroom connected to the science lab on the second floor: one on a student's desk and one on the bottom of the shelf.
    • Two in the music room on the second floor: one on a student's desk and one on the teacher's desk.
    • Two in a classroom connecting to the music room on the second floor: one on a student's desk and one inside a cardboard box under a nearby table.
  • Blood contract - Note, on all raiders at the school.

Related quests


  • One can find a set of Gary blocks in a box.
  • In the theater, the front edge of the stage is incorrectly labeled with stage directions. "Stage left" and "stage right" refer to left and right from the actor's perspective, whereas "house left" and "house right" refer to the perspective of the audience. The signs on the stage should be reversed.
  • If the school was already cleared, the overdue books will respawn when completing the quest Prep School.

Companion comments

  • When at this location, companions make comments, which are activated at the third floor torture chamber.
Location comments
Character Comment
Cait "These were added after the bombs fell, right?"
Codsworth "Oh my. I dread to think about what's going on here."
Curie [verification needed]
Danse "This is horrible, just horrible. I can't even imagine..."
Deacon [verification needed]
John Hancock "You think these were part of the original building design?"
Nick Valentine "What kind of monsters..."
Piper Wright "Oh my god."
Preston Garvey "We've got to get everybody out of here. If there's anyone left alive."
Robert MacCready "I know students thought school was torture, but this is taking it a little too far."
X6-88 "An interrogation chamber. Rudimentary, but effective."


The East Boston Preparatory School appears only in Fallout 4.




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