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Early Retirement is a side quest in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Noir Penthouse."


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Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
0 Listen to the strange signalI've picked up a strange, faint signal on my Pip-Boy. I should listen to it and see what it is.
10 Investigate the coordinatesThe strange signal contained relay coordinates to a specific location in the Commonwealth. I should find out what's there.
20 Follow the CourserAn Institute Courser, B-263, has been posing as a detective to hunt down escaped Synths and other enemies of the Institute. I should follow his trail and see where it goes.
30 Search the CourserThe Courser appears to have confronted the two escaped Synths, but was killed in the ensuing fight. I should search his body for anything that could be useful.
40 Read B-263 Mission LogI found a mission log holotape on the Courser's body. I should see what information it contains.
50 Kill Burner and Cpt. Janssen or Delete Institute recordsI found a holotape on the Courser with details on the whereabouts of the escaped Synths. I can either finish the job and hunt them down, or I can let them go by deleting the records in the Institute databank terminal at University Point.
60 Get key location from terminalI've killed the two escaped Synths, R3-11 and PR-15. I should head to the databank terminal at University Point to find the location for the Penthouse key.
I've deleted the files in the Institute databank terminal for the escaped synths R3-11 and PR-15. They won't be hunted by the Institute any longer. I should read the incoming message in the databank terminal to find the location for the Courser's Penthouse Key.
70 Retrieve the Penthouse KeyThe lock to the Courser's penthouse was changed while it was being investigated for monitoring devices. I've found the location of the new key. I should retrieve it.
80 Enter the PenthouseI've obtained the key to the dead Courser's Penthouse. It seems to be clear of any activity. I should go there and see what's inside.
100Icon checkI found a signal intended for an Institute Courser who was posing as a detective. He was hunting two escaped synths, but was killed. I found information about the synths, and took care of the situation. In the process I obtained the key to his Penthouse headquarters.


PCIcon pc If you do not listen to the strange signal as soon as the quest pops up, it can bug out so that the quest will never progress. To fix it, open the console and type SetStage ccTOSFO4001_EarlyRetirementQuest 10. This will force you past having to listen to the signal and the coordinates will pop up.[verified]

  • Alternatively, if you're playing on Xbox One or PS4 without the console command, you can head to Campus law offices to progress the quest, albeit without the quest marker to guide you there.

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