Early Dawn elementary school was a pre-War elementary school located in Washington, D.C., notably next to the GNR building plaza.


On October 23, 2077, half of the school's student body, along with several teachers including Carrie Delaney, Mr. Cob, Claudia and Mr. Pollack, went on a field trip to the Little Lamplight caverns. In Carrie Delaney's holotape message, the player learns they chose a good time to visit the caverns, because the bombs started falling soon after. Some of the kids in the school were the original founders of the settlement Little Lamplight.


Much of the building has collapsed and decayed in the two centuries after the war, and by 2277, it's little more than a burnt-out structure littered with super mutants. Otherwise, inside there are rotting school desks, educational aids lying about, and one Nuka-Cola vending machine. However, its strategic location (one of the primary access points to Galaxy News Radio) resulted in it becoming a strongpoint in the Chevy Chase area.


It is just north of the GNR building plaza in Chevy Chase. The player must pass through the school during the Following in His Footsteps quest, as it's initially the only way to access the plaza.


Early Dawn Elementary appears only in Fallout 3

Behind the scenesEdit

There is a poster close to the exit depicting Bert from the cold war Duck and Cover video. Like many schools in the real 1950s, this elementary school probably had many similar propaganda videos about protecting themselves if nuclear warfare occurred.

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