The ears of the good of the world is all I ask and currency is what you will receive.Daniel Littlehorn

An ear is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 3.


Daniel Littlehorn from Littlehorn & Associates, located at the scrapyard, rewards the Lone Wanderer with 10 to 15 caps and -10 Karma for each ear. This is the bad Karma alternative to the Lawbringer perk, in which fingers are collected instead of ears.


  • Ears can be found on good characters (such as Abraham Washington or Agatha) when the Contract Killer perk has been chosen.
    • If other characters (including partners, guards, and the Mysterious Stranger), creatures, or environmental aspects (such as: an exploding cars) do more then 50% of the target's total HP in damage, an ear will not appear on the body.
  • An easy way to earn ears is to go to Rivet City, as the security guards there respawn every three days.
  • The most abundant supply of ears that can be found are off of Regulators which are encountered randomly through having negative Karma.
  • Slaver-hunting hitmen are also a good supplier of ears, should one also choose to be a slaver.


Icon pc.png Icon ps3.png Icon xbox360.png When essential NPCs are knocked unconscious, it is scripted for an ear to spawn in their inventory. This happens regardless of whether they are "good" or not. The ear will spawn every time they're knocked unconscious, for a potentially endless amount of ears. [verified]

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