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Eagle's Cove Tannery is an abandoned pre-War tannery on the Island in 2287.


A man named Pauly camped here until the Fog rolled in around 2286. He had to leave in a hurry, leaving behind his power tools. Since then, feral ghouls have moved in and the fog has moved out. This, however, doesn't help Pauly, as he left the Island recently, making his camp fair salvage.[1]


The tannery exterior consists of a large, open warehouse section inhabited by several ghouls to the west, adjacent to a dock with a tugboat and a single trapper. Another, more enclosed warehouse to the east has a conveyor belt with a number of hide bundles, and stairs up to an office with an Expert locked safe. Between these two areas are stairs down to a Master locked basement door that opens into the interior of the tannery.

The main doors to the tannery interior are located on the outer south side of the building at ground level, and face a Novice locked office containing two ghouls and another Expert safe. Further down the hall is the main area of the tannery, containing several ghouls and overlooked by a catwalk on two sides. Here there is a ramp down to the basement, where a leveled glowing one can be found, along with other ghouls, protecting a steamer trunk and the set of power tools. The glowing one carries the tannery key, which unlocks both aforementioned safes and the basement door.

There is a working water fountain on the outside of the east wall of the main building, recessed into an alley.

Notable loot

  • Hide bundles - 12 can be found outside on a conveyor belt and seven more inside.
  • Tannery key - Found on a leveled glowing one in the basement. Opens back door, the office, and two safes found in and outside the building.

Related quests


  • A teddy bear bathing in a sink can be found due west of the tannery, on the opposite shoreline.


Eagle's Cove Tannery appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.



  1. The Sole Survivor: "Can you tell me about the tannery?"
    The Mariner: "A man named Pauly used to camp there. Very handy fellow. Fog rolled in a year back and he had to pull up his stake. He left the Harbor recently, so every thing that's there is fair salvage."
    (The Mariner's dialogue)