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Eagle's Cove Tannery is a location on the Island in 2287.


The site is overrun by feral ghouls.


The tannery consists of a large, open warehouse section inhabited by several ghouls to the west, adjacent to a dock with a tugboat and a single Trapper. Another, more enclosed warehouse to the east has a conveyor belt with a number of hide bundles, and stairs to an office with an Expert locked safe. Between these two areas are stairs down to a Master locked basement door.

The main doors are located on the south side of the building, and face a Novice locked office containing two ghouls and another Expert safe. Further down the hall is the main area of the tannery, containing several ghouls and overlooked by a catwalk on two sides. Here there is a ramp down to the basement, where a levelled glowing one can be found, along with other ghouls, protecting a steamer trunk and the set of tools. The glowing one carries the Tannery key, which unlocks both aforementioned safes and the basement door.

Notable lootEdit

  • Hide bundles - 12 can be found outside on a conveyor belt and 7 more inside.
  • Tannery key - Found on a levelled glowing one in the basement. Opens back door and the [Expert] safe.

Related questsEdit


Eagle's Cove Tannery appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


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