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The ESS Quetzel,[1][2] also known as The Shuttle,[3] is a reusable nuclear-powered[4] spacecraft built before the Great War.


The Quetzel is located in the ruins of San Francisco, on the remnants of the Golden Gate Bridge, though it lacks either rocket boosters or an external fuel tank; a quest involves finding fuel for it.[5]

There are three endings for the Hubologists regarding the shuttle that is inaccessible due to incomplete scripting. If the Chosen One does not get the fuel, the Hubologists use a cheap alternative, resulting in the shuttle exploding during liftoff.[6] If they get fuel, the liftoff is without complications, but the shuttle's air insulation is damaged, resulting in the Hubologist crew suffocating in space.[7] There is another ending that can trigger where they launch without issue, perishing due to not accounting for the use of recycled air onboard.[8]

Behind the scenes

San Fran shuttle unused.jpg
  • Pressing the 5 key at the San Francisco map will bring the player character to a location with an "UNUSED ART" room - the shuttle interior. Attempting to examine certain things will make it say there is a shuttle wall. It is impossible to leave this area other than reloading an earlier save.
  • ESS is one of the several remnants of the original name for the Hubologists, standing for Elronologist Space Ship. The name was a pun on L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, before Black Isle made the parody less blatant by calling them Hubologists instead.
  • Additionally, no other United States Space Administration spacecraft have an acronym in their naming patterns, most being a mission identifier and number (Zeus 12, Virgo II and III, Delta IX, Valiant 12, Defiance 7, and the Clarabella 7).


The ESS Quetzel appears only in Fallout 2.


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