E. Fisher was a Taggerdy's Thunder recruit who went deserted the unit at Camp Venture on the night of January 1st, 2081, a week before graduating with a specialty in demolition.


In the process, he stole many supplies including a combat shotgun, ten boxes of shells and a salvage recon map. Sergeant Ted Wilson attempted to track him down but lost Fisher's trail at the base of the Savage Divide.[1]


E. Fisher is mentioned only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

An alternate and contradictory version of the Christmas Flood event originally planned by designer Ferret Baudoin would have had David Thorpe order former Taggerdy's Thunder recruit and deserter E. Fisher, a demolitions specialist, to rig a device of several mini nukes stolen from the Brotherhood of Steel.[2] Though he stated he was "pretty sure it's in the lore," this version of events never made it into the storyline. As Ferret would state later in the same interview, "the primal source of lore is what you see in the games," and anything not contained within the game is "just headcanon for a writer."


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