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E.R.P. security station Charlie is a holotape in Fallout 76.


It is obtained during Falsely Accused.


Prisoner Head Count

Harrison "Mad Dog" Malone - Life for assault, 7 counts of murder, armed robbery, vandalising a mattress tag
Calvin "Hot Foot" Washington - 6 years for arson
Demarius Trier - 2 years for humorless standup
Malik "Maniac" Souroff - 8 years for breaking and entering and more breaking
Yi "Hairless" Hsu - 10 months for defacing an animal
Lavon "Peaches" Peachtree - 16 months for assault with a deadly fish
Treshaun "Mountain" Finkle - 3 years for inciting terror
Rashan "Red" Johnson - 1 month for excessive parking violations
Kojo Carron - 4 years for carrying on
Jermaine Footer - 13 months for failure to communicate
Omari "Dead Eyes" Childers - Life for 73 counts of assault, 3 counts of murder

Incident Reports

Subdued by guards: 12 incidents
Rioting: 1 incidents
Deaths: 0 incidents
Prisoner's hospitalized: 5 incidents
Gang activity: 18 incidents

Guard Schedule

Officer Dauntay Sherman: 7am - 3pm
Officer Tyreese Maker: 3pm - 11pm
Officer Montague Hall: 11pm - 7am

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