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E.R.P. security station Bravo is a holotape in Fallout 76.


It is obtained during Falsely Accused.


Prisoner Head Count

Jed Jacobs - 1 year for unwitting tax evasion
Jebadiah Mortimer - 4 years for defacing the mayo'rsIn-game spelling house
William "Mosey" Shen - 16 months for excessive arbor removal
Bo "Jay" Angle - 1 month for off key kareokeIn-game spelling
Jeremy "Nails" Yee - 6 months for delay of game
Luther "Lunchbag" Lincoln - 9 months for dodging paternity
Terrance "Nightmare" Windwalker - 2 years for breaking and leaving
William "Billy Bob" Catcher - 7 years for annoying debauchery
Cooter Calhoun - Life for using explosives without a license
Duke "Spinner" Earl - 13 years for fraud, posing as a dance instructor
Homer "Oddball" Simpkins - 6 years for unremitting disturbing the peace

Incident Reports

Subdued by guards: 15 incidents
Rioting: 9 incidents
Deaths: 11 incidents
Prisoner's hospitalized: 0 incidents
Gang activity: 4 incidents

Guard Schedule

Officer Jake Pennywise: 7am - 3pm
Officer Gregory Rollins: 3pm - 11pm
Officer Kurt Coolman: 11pm - 7am

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