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This is a transcript for dialogue with Dylan Rhodes.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00599553 005995B5 If you need something, ask the robot inside. Disgust when he says the word robot.
2 005995B6 What are you looking at? Hawk a loogie before the line.
3 005995B7 Can't a man just die in peace?
4 005995B9 You again?
5 005995BA Why are you back here?
6 005995BB What do you want now?
7 00599554 005995C8 Can you make it quick? I've got better things to do than to talk to you.
8 005995CA I thought I said I wanted to be left alone.
9 005995CB There isn't anything left in Welch for you... or for anyone.
10 005995CC Get to the point fast.
11 00599555 005995A7 Can you hurry it up?
12 00599557 0059959B Can't you see I'm retired? So, it's time to live the retired life. I'm just gonna relax right here, drink some whiskey, and wait for the end.
13 00599559 005995AC Look around you, kid. What part of this world we're living in makes you think someone should be upbeat and happy?
14 Everyone I ever loved and cared about is dead. Even the town I lived most of my years in is gone.
15 0059955B 0059959E Or we could not... Grumble a bit
16 0059955D 005995C6 Atomic Mining Services. Revolutionaries of the mining industry, wrecker of jobs everywhere in Appalachia. Disdain in his voice when he says their full name, sarcastic in the second half doesn't actually like their "accomplishments"
17 Somehow those idiots thought it would be a good idea to use nuclear bombs to dig deeper into mines.
18 I'd really rather not talk about them much more.
19 0059955F 005995AB Some sort of radioactive material that none of us should be messing with, if you ask me. I don't trust the stuff.
20 Don't we have enough problems with radiation as it is?
21 00599561 0059959D For now? How about forever. Scoff, annoyed
22 00599567 00599594 I do mind, in fact. But... if it'll get you to leave me be, I suppose I can tell you a little bit.
23 The name's Dylan. I was a miner here in Welch before the robots stole our jobs. I was born in this town and I'd like to die in this town.
24 Even though the work was harder, honest sweat is better than those bucket of bolts. It taught kids character, now look where we are.
25 People are out here killing each other over damn junk like Sugar Bombs just to survive.
26 00599569 005995A3 Well, can't you see? We're in the graveyard that is the town of Welch.
27 Except this town started dying way back before the bombs fell, thanks to those damn robots taking our jobs and ruining the economy.
28 To make matters worse, AMS came in acting like they owned the place when some Ultracite popped up in Welch. They wanted to take away people's homes.
29 All the man cared about was making a quick buck, didn't care at all about anything else. Some good those bucks did them in the end, huh?
30 0059956B 00599596 Glad we could reach an understanding. Sarcastic
31 0059956D 005995A5 What, you want to fight me? Do it, I don't care. He has given up on life at this point
32 0059956F 00599599 If I answer them, will that get you to leave me alone?
33 0059C6A9 0059C6AE Do you now? Well, at least there's some people around who still have values.
34 Here, take this... you know, so you don't have to go killing no one for it.
35 0059C6AA 0059C6AD Finally someone who gets it. You're alright, you know.
36 Here, have a drink with me. Well, as long as you drink it quietly that is.