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Father... Where are you father?...

The dying mutant is a scout of the Master's Army around 2161.


This super mutant is one of the first people who were dipped in the FEV vats in the Mariposa Military Base. He can be found in the deathclaw's lair near the Hub, hurt badly after being assaulted by a deathclaw and dragged to its lair.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.


  • Find the missing caravans: When the Vault Dweller finds the mutant, he will be mumbling crazily to himself, and when approached, he mistakes the Vault Dweller for the Master. He holds the mutant transmissions holodisk, which reveals that it is actually the super mutants that are behind the disappearance of the caravans, not the infamous deathclaw.



Rather than speaking to the mutant first, it is possible to kill him for 300 XP as well as loot both the radio and the holodisk.


The dying mutant appears only in Fallout.