Dyer Chemical terminal entries are a series of terminal entries found on terminals at Dyer Chemical in Fallout 76.

Station control terminalEdit



Please make sure all memos are properly distributed to all non-robotic employees. Remember We've recently undertaken a contract that is to remain confidential. Details are outlined below.

[Plant Automation]
[Sewer Waste Spills]
[Army Personnel]
[Project Clean & Clear

Plant AutomationEdit


We're pleased to announce that We've received our first shipment of robotic worker units which will be deployed throughout the week!

These units should be able to assist us with the more dangerous tasks that are inherent in a facility dealing with volatile substances.

Despite the message our recent layoffs may be sending, these robots are NOT replacing human positions at the company - they are simply here to keep us all safe.

If you feel that your department would benefit from having one of these units in your work area, please see Mark Heidleburg or Darlene Mandy.

Sewer Waste SpillsEdit


We've had some waste contaminate leakage in the sewer recently which is raised some concerns about our environmental responsibility.

I wanted to assure each and every one of you that Dyer Chemical takes its role as an environmentally conscious corporation seriously, and that we will be addressing this issue soon. We're partnering with the U.S Army in this endeavor, so rest assured it will be handled in a timely and efficient fashion.

Army PersonnelEdit


In the coming weeks you might observe U.S. Army personnel at our facility. Please extend to them every courtesy you'd extend to a fellow employee. If they make any request that seem out of the ordinary or counter-intuitive to your job performance, please bring it to my office immediately.

I will be announcing more about the upcoming project and the details about it that I am permitted to share. Thank you for bearing with us through this transition and we appreciate your continued cooperation as the project gets underway.

Project Clean & ClearEdit


Project Clean & Clear is an experimental attempt to create a substance that may remove radiation from a water source should nuclear war become a reality.

We've been given an experiment alkali solution known only as Alkali Test Unit v2.0-B. When combined with aluminum, silicon, and oxygen, it may create a substance capable of absorbing any present radiation.

Remember, this is highly experimental and is not to be discussed outside management and the specific team members chosen to run the tests.



Verifying chemical additives

Required Base Chemicals
- Nitrogen
- Phosphorous
- Potassium

Optional Catalyst
- Carbon



Confirmation received.

Chemical extraction... ... ... ... Complete.
Chemical combination... ... ... ... Complete.

Chemical combination successful. Please make a selection.

Chemical combination controlEdit


Mixing Vat B

***Corrosive formulas require approval

status>> System ready
Insert Chemicals to make a selection.

Supervisor's terminalEdit


Company Mail Subsystem

[Outgoing Mail 02.10.75]Edit


To: General C. Braxton, U.S. Army CWD

General, while I'm extremely flattered that you've selected Dyer as a testing ground for the Army's "Project Clean & Clear", I must regretfully decline your proposal. Modifying our existing infrastructure to accommodate that level of testing would cause a massive interruption in our production. We'd literally end up losing millions.

Sorry, but you'll have to look elsewhere.

[Incoming Mail 02.11.75]Edit


To: Stanley Dyer, CEO Dyer Chemical
Perhaps I wasn't direct enough in my last message, so let me make myself crystal clear. What I sent over wasn't a proposal. It was a direct order. Whether you like it or not, we'll be testing our formula at your facility.

Now, if you want to resist that order, I'd be more than happy to replace every single person on your staff with robots.

You have three month to prepare.

[Outgoing Mail 02.12.75]Edit


To: General C. Braxton, U.S. Army CWD

You have absolutely no right to "order" me to do anything. Dyer Chemical is a privately-owned company with no government affiliation, and I have never accepted a government contract.

If you think you can just muscle your way into my building and threaten me or my staff, you're sorely mistaken. I'm well acquainted with our local Senator, and if you don't back off, I'll be giving him a call.

Incoming Mail 02.13.75]Edit


To: Stanley Dyer, CEO Dyer Chemical

Listen, you little bastard. You may not be government, but your little company just so happens to be located right in the center of the United States of America. You know all that freedom you enjoy running your business and making all that money? Well, that's thanks to people like me who keep the damn Commies from picking our country apart like a bunch of vultures eating roadkill.

When the U.S. Army asks for help, you help. End of story.

[Outgoing Mail 02.14.75]Edit


To: General C. Braxton, U.S. Army CWD

Name-calling isn't going to sway me, General. Your soldiers are not setting a foot inside this facility. That's final. You should be hearing from our superiors soon.

[Incoming Mail 02.14.75]Edit


To: Stanley Dyer, CEO Dyer Chemical

I heard from my superiors. You know who I also heard from? How about the mole We've had in your company for the last year? He told me some very interesting things about your waste disposal habits and your so called "accidental spills" that aren't so accidental at all.

He also included some very telling photographs that I'm looking at right now. Maybe I should be a patriot and forward this information to the press. Or maybe you'll take my "proposal" more seriously.

[Outgoing Mail 02.15.75]Edit


To: General C. Braxton, U.S. Army CWD

Understood. I'll begin having my people make the necessary modifications as requested. We'll be ready to receive your Project Clean & Clear materials in three months.

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