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Dupont Circle Station is part of the Metro system under the Capital Wasteland. It is mainly collapsed and you have to go through a raider-infested cave to get to Metro Central.


Very little of the actual station area remains accessible due to cave ins, but the adjacent utility areas are still more or less intact.

To the northeast is a maintenance area with a protectron bay close to the Dupont Station exit. In the passage outside this area will be a pair of super mutants. Continuing through this passage way is a ruined metro tunnel running in two directions, with the exit to Dupont Circle to the east.

To the west, beyond the train tunnel is a small raider encampment containing a lone raider, and a utility tunnel with another raider. The tunnel leads south into an office with a security terminal which controls two automated turrets in a natural cavern that is accessible via stairs circling down to from the office. In the large area below the turrets two more raider will be found patrolling. The cavern leads south to a large utility door that separates the caverns from what appears to be an old sewer tunnel. The sewer tunnel is defended by mines and traps to prevent feral ghouls from advancing past the utility door and into the cavern. In fact, several feral ghouls can be found dead along with a lone raider who made a last stand near access door into the cavern. At the end of the sewer tunnel to the southeast is a door to Metro Central.

Notable loot


  • The name of this station appeared on an advertisement for the Metro.
  • Near the Dupont station exit is an office with a protectron bay with a Metro protectron. If you remain hidden from both the Metro protectron and the two super mutants in the hall, you can hear a humorous exchange as the protectron accosts the super mutants for tickets. If you take the most direct route on the Galaxy News Radio quest, you will come into the office before the hall, and will be in the ideal position to hear the exchange by hiding behind the file cabinets.


Dupont Circle Station appears only in Fallout 3.

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