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For the pre-War company, see Dunwich Borers LLC.


Dunwich Borers is a marble quarry found within the Commonwealth in 2287. It has been taken over by a detachment of the Forged and is likewise inhabited by feral ghouls.



A marble quarry, active before the Great War. According to terminal entries throughout the four job stations, several issues plagued the employees of Dunwich Borers LLC. Safety was a significant problem at the job site, with requests for additional precautions dismissed. Railings and support beams were only set up where necessary and renovated only when they decayed completely.[1]

The company attempted to circumvent angry workers by providing bonus and hosting events such as happy hours and picnics.[2][3][4] The company events did not serve to rectify the worksite hazards, despite project and worksite managers escalating complaints, resulting in several employees falling to their deaths.[5][6]


Roughly two hundred years later, the quarry was repurposed by the Forged. Seeking a supply of iron for Saugus Ironworks, they had their raider affiliates begin collecting any and all scrap metal from the site - a task which was soon complicated by rumors of the quarry being haunted. Failing to meet quotas, the Forged leader Slag sent his lieutenant Bedlam to discern and correct any issues. Believing that what the work crew was experiencing was them just being frightened by some ferals, she immediately got them back to work.[7][8]

They were able to get another two shipments out on time, but before the third, the crew disappeared. In response, Bedlam herself headed down into the mine to uncover the reason behind the work stoppage, to end the feral threat, and get her workers back on track.[9]


The entrance is located at the bottom of the quarry. The area is guarded by about a dozen raiders, including one in power armor. There is a tripwire trap not far from the entrance. Upon entering, on the left, there is a lift that leads to a door requiring a key from the corpse on the other side of this door where the Sole Survivor will emerge after going all the way through the facility.

Continuing ahead from the entrance is a turret and several more raiders. A circuit breaker switch controls the power and some of the spotlights. The unlocked Station 1 terminal is next to it on the right and can be used to turn off turrets, and there is a grenade trap near the terminal. Ahead of this, there is a small camp with a machinegun turret, a mattress and a cooking station.

The way ahead now leads to the left. A side ladder leads to a Novice locked cell with a tripwire trap at the bottom of the stairs, and back down the main path is terminal 2. Just beyond the terminal is a weapons workbench with an ammo crate, a sleeping bag and a Novice locked cooler. Continuing on to terminal 3, a huge pit opens up at the bottom of which Bedlam will be found.

A Novice locked terminal belonging to Bedlam is attached to the reservoir in the middle of the pit. There are also an armor workbench with an issue of Astoundingly Awesome Tales placed on it, a steamer trunk and two sleeping bags. Ahead from the pit is a door that is chained shut. Removing the chains allows access to a corridor with feral ghoul corpses. Farther along, near a wrecked machine with a skeleton, is a door on the left. Opening it triggers a visual hallucination, in the form of a flashback. A flash of white will provide a glimpse of a few pre-War employees working, before another flash of light returns current day surroundings to the forefront.

There are more circuit breakers in the ghoul infested area and activating them turns on the lights and triggers a large group of ghouls to start running towards the player character. A large quantity of bones can be found in and underneath the cages in the center area. Once past the initial ghoul attack, there is a fork in the path. The lefthand part of the fork heads upwards, leading to work stations 5 and 6 and eventually back to the exit.

Ritual chamber

FO4 Dunwich B 5.png
FO4 Dunwich B 7.png

Following the other path of the fork, the Sole Survivor will enter the deepest part of the mine, past station 4. Upon entering, a second flashback will occur, the duration of which is a few seconds longer. Instead of the post-War mine, what the Sole Survivor experiences is another flash of light, followed by the sight of a short cave corridor lined with candles. Following the path, they will be able to peer into the main cavern, where a ritual of sorts is taking place.

A raised, multi-tiered marble platform is situated in a large, open cavern. Stairs lead up to the main area, where a man stands on a square rug before a pulpit. Broken segments of railing loosely fence in the platform. Wearing pastor's vestments, the man makes repetitive cutting motions toward the top of the pulpit with a large knife. Behind him, a long set of chains hang from a crane flush against the ceiling.

Around the perimeter of the room are stone benches, some of which crushed by collapsing walls. Kneeling before the platform on two sides are nine individuals, dressed in clean, pre-War outfit variants. Each one rests on their knees, hands crossed behind their back, with their head bowed. The room is lit by additional candles, placed around those kneeling, on the perimeter walls, and on the corners of the raised platform. Every few moments, the room shakes and rumbles violently.

As the Sole Survivor ventures closer down the corridor toward the chamber, another bright flash of light occurs and the current day surroundings come back into focus, including several feral ghouls. Four of the ghouls are named, what remains of the project managers from the separate stations, including Bob Stanson, Bradley Ramone, John Hatfield, and Tim Shoots.

The cavern's appearance has changed significantly from what was observed in the flashback. The marble raised platform is missing, as are the pulpit, rug, and candles. In place of the platform and surfaces upon which the pre-War individuals kneeled, a large pool of water can be found. Some similarities remain, such as the crane, chain, and remnants of railings and stone benches.

Underwater chamber

FO4 Dunwich Kremvh 4.png

The Sole Survivor can choose to dive into the large pool and swim down a tunnel reaching deep into the earth. They will see the end of the tunnel terminate with a large statuesque, silver visage, the pre-War pulpit missing from above, and glowing fungus. A skeleton is splayed out to the left, half-obscured by the earth.

Progressing toward the skeleton leads down another tunnel, the end of which contains another chamber, with stone benches scattered alongside the edges of the room. An altar sits in the center against the back wall, illuminated by more glowing fungus. Here is where one will find two mini nukes flanking a unique weapon named Kremvh's Tooth. Turning and following the path back to the surface, the Sole Survivor can progress back through the chamber and to the exit.

Notable loot

  • Kremvh's Tooth - In an irradiated pool of water. After the first flashback head to the right to find section four. The irradiated pool is guarded by the four project managers, now feral ghouls. In a tunnel near the bottom of the pool is this unique weapon.
  • The Dunwich - Management holotape - Found on Tim Shoots' corpse.
  • Sneak bobblehead - Found on a small table near the section 4 terminal.
  • The Dunwich - Tim Shoots holotape - Found in section 4's terminal.
  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales - Can be found on an armor workbench near Bedlam's terminal in the giant pit room.
  • Bottlecap mine - Located in the building at the top of the quarry, sitting on the cabinet left of the turret control terminal.
  • Dunwich Borers key - Inside the quarry, on a dead raider next to the door that it opens.
  • Three mini nukes. After passing terminal 3, descend the winding staircase. After reaching the bottom, walk straight forward and look up the marble wall. There is a mini nuke to the left of Bedlam's terminal up on the rock face. For reference, there is an armor workbench off to the right of the stairs. There are also two mini nukes in the underwater pool with Kremvh's Tooth on the wood altar containing the weapon.
  • At least 25 oil can be obtained by collecting the many canisters and lanterns throughout the site.

Related quests


  • If one jumps into the pool of water with Kremvh's Tooth at the bottom while wearing power armor, they will get stuck there and must either leave the power armor frame behind or revert to a previous save.
    • One may be able to get the frame back out by ordering a companion to use it and then exit the mine.
  • Rumbles and footsteps can be felt and heard throughout the underground mine. The rumbling gets more frequent the closer one gets to the bottom of the mine.
  • The man standing upon the platform in the flashback scene behind the altar is referred to as the "Butcher," in the Creation Kit.
  • The Butcher is one of the few NPCs in Fallout 4 to be seen wearing pastor's vestments, though the flashbacks are supposedly from the pre-War era.
  • The Editor ID of the giant colossus face is MetroMan_1. This is due to the fact that the face is simply a reused asset of the faces found around certain metro tunnels, such as the Mass Pike Tunnel.
  • The two mini nukes underwater respawn every time the cell is refreshed, which can happen in multiple ways, such as receiving a Minutemen radiant quest for this area.
  • Occasionally the normally chained red exit door, which one can get to by taking the lift, will remain open from the last time the Sole Survivor has exited through it. This has no effect on loot and enemies and they should both be respawned.
  • Along with the raiders, the feral ghouls in the further end of the mine respawn.
  • Upon collecting and playing the management holotape, all of the named ghouls will lose their names.

Companion comments

  • When at this location companions make comments, which are activated at two locations: the vertical chamber where Bedlam is at and at the entrance of the submerged tunnel with Kremvh's Tooth.
Location comments
Character Specific location Comment
Cait Vertical chamber "That's a long way down."
Submerged tunnel "No way... we're not swimmin' in there."
Codsworth Vertical chamber "Hard to believe a tunnel system so vast was all for a bit of rock."
Submerged tunnel "If you ask me, that little water hole is more than a tad suspect."
Danse Vertical chamber "I wonder what type of material this mining operation was attempting to recover."
Submerged tunnel "Remain vigilant... something isn't right here."
Deacon Vertical chamber "You old timers really liked digging tunnels."
Submerged tunnel "Railroad Tip #113: Don't go diving in creepy swimming holes. That is all. "
John Hancock Vertical chamber "Don't slip."
Submerged tunnel "I don't throw the phrase "watery grave" around a whole hell of a lot. But in this case..."
Robert MacCready Vertical chamber "Don't tell me we're going all the way down there."
Submerged tunnel "Something tells me that hole shouldn't be there."
Nick Valentine Vertical chamber "It's alright. I'm sure the rocks at the bottom would break your fall."
Submerged tunnel "We going for a dunk?"
Piper Wright Vertical chamber "That is a hell of a first step."
Submerged tunnel "Yeah, I just ate, so you go ahead."
Curie Vertical chamber "What a strange place for a quarry."
Submerged tunnel "I wonder if any organisms live in the pool? Shall we collect a sample?"
Preston Garvey Vertical chamber "Somebody went to a lot of trouble digging this out. I wonder what's down there?"
Submerged tunnel "Going in there is the very definition of bad idea. Which means, I assume... that we're going in there."
X6-88 Vertical chamber "Why dig this here? Were they looking for something?"
Submerged tunnel "I don't like the look of that water."


Dunwich Borers appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

Similar to the Dunwich Building in Fallout 3, random flashbacks to times before the Great War happen spontaneously, hinting to its paranormal background and its relations to the author H. P. Lovecraft, and his book series, the Cthulhu Mythos, and particularly, the short story, The Dunwich Horror. At the bottom of the well, in the end, one can see part of a statue that resembles a face. Using console commands it is possible to clip outside of the map to reveal the whole statue. The buried statue might be a reference to another one of Lovecraft's stories, The Shunned House, in which the protagonist digs underneath an abandoned, haunted house, only to uncover the elbow of a colossal being buried underneath.


  • Icon pc.png Icon ps4.png Flashback scenes may not trigger properly and you may not receive any "named ghouls."[verified]
  • Icon ps4.png The first few raiders encountered in the underground area will never respawn after being killed, and their bodies will never disappear. [verified]
    • Radiant quests that send the player character to Dunwich Borers will respawn new enemies, and their corpses will finally disappear after being looted.


Flashback sequences

See also


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