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Duncan "Dunkie" McKann is a deceased member of the Free States found in Dyer Chemical in Appalachia.


Duncan McKann was the leader of a missing hunting group, investigated during Tracking Unknowns.

Although he was not originally a member of the Free States, Duncan changed his tune after the Great War, when the Free States emerged from their bunkers and began rebuilding Harpers Ferry, quickly becoming adept at hunting. Despite the hardship caused by the War, McKann and his family (his wife Lettie and two sons Micah and Lucas) remained together, happy to have survived. Family life continued, with everyone pulling their weight, Duncan teaching his boys baseball (even if his wife was better than he was), snoring regularly and even doing the dishes from time to time.[1]

The peace ended when the McKanns were attacked by a pack of feral ghouls, that killed everyone in the McKann family except Duncan, the lone survivor. He succumbed to grief and vowed revenge. When he learned of a pack of ghouls who had turned Valley Galleria into their home, he took lead of a hunting party consisting of Courtney Kelly, Jacqueline Murphy, Randy Calloway, Kendyll Sims, Terrance Quince, Jackson Lake, and Annie Garcia from Harpers Ferry to follow their trail.

In his single-minded pursuit, he led the whole hunting party to their deaths. Courtney Kelly and Jacqueline Murphy fell in the woods north of the Galleria,[2] Randy Calloway was shot by Nari Samir, and Kendyll Sims was eventually killed by McKann himself when she objected to his murder of the ghouls after recognizing one as Lucy Harwick, a former resident of Harpers Ferry.[3][4] The others' causes of death are unknown, but their lack of report back to Harpers Ferry indicates that they were killed one way or another during the hunt.

McKann died when he stormed the control room containing Lucy Harwick and Sara Samir and was mortally wounded by a gunshot. He killed both women before succumbing to his wounds, finally satisfied at having avenged his family.[3]

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Duncann McKann appears only in Fallout 76.