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Duncan & Duncan Robotics is an unmarked location within the town of Summersville.


Before the Great War, Duncan & Duncan Robotics was a robotics shop owned by the Duncan brothers. When one of the brothers died, the other (James Duncan) lost his sanity. He modified his robot, Skinner, to see his deceased brother, developed an obsession with the number eight and continued to believe his brother was alive. Before the bombs dropped, a replacement Mister Handy robot frame was ordered from Duncan & Duncan by Camp McClintock.[1]


Past the keycard required front door that opens into the shop's front lobby and front desk, to the right leads to where Skinner hovers behind the counter. The Level 0 locked door on the left leads into the Protectron showroom. The displays are protected by laser tripwires that if disrupted will trigger the automated ceiling turrets to defend the merchandise. Up the stairs behind Skinner are the doors to the Mister Handy showroom, and in there, the doors to the Assaultron showroom. To the side is the office where the Duncan brothers used to occupy, and a stairway facing opposite the Assaultron showroom doors that leads upstairs to the attic. A back room behind the Assaultron displays allows for safe deployment of the tracker given during "Strength in Numbers" on the Assaultron body without triggering the laser tripwires and the ceiling-mounted automated laser turrets.

Notable loot


Duncan & Duncan Robotics appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.



  1. Vault Dweller: "[Camp McClintock Graduate] You're in luck. I'm with the military. Camp McClintock graduate, in fact. I'm here to collect the Assaultron for the camp."
    Skinner: "Ah, excellent. It's been waiting for you... though our records show the request from McClintock was for a replacement Handy frame, not an Assaultron. Here. You may collect it upstairs."