Template:FO3 Template:FO3 character Dukov is an drunken, womanizing Russian. He is one of the three surviving mercenaries hired by Allistair Tenpenny for an expedition into Fort Constantine, and is now retired to his estate (Dukov's Place) along the east bank of the Potomac in the D.C ruins. He spends his days with his two women, drinking lots of alcohol, and taking Jet. During the You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head quest in a dialogue with the Lone Wanderer, he states he is no bigot as Mister Crowley claims and even had a Ghoul party girl once.

Dukov is armed with a 10mm submachinegun and wears the male version of sexy sleepwear. His women claim he is a quick and deadly shot, though as he wears no armor, Dukov is a relatively easy kill.

Dukov doesn't seem to care about the player's karma at all, and will offer the player alcohol.

Killing Dukov

If you inform him that you are "going to put a bullet in his head" he will rise to the challenge - the only difference is that you have VATS. Splatter his head at point blank and his party girls will not flee.

You can execute him outright, without provoking him, but his party girls will flee and not talk to you. Followers have a high risk of killing the (innocent?) party girls if this happens.


Dukov appears only in Fallout 3.


There is a bug where a mirelurk will come through the front door and kill Dukov.

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