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Good. I'm getting tired of flapping jaw with you, clown shoes. I think I'll flap my balls against Cherry's ass instead!

Dukov is a drunken womanizer and retired mercenary in the Capital Wasteland in 2277.


Dukov's life mainly consists of partying and having sex with women, a reflection of his carefree yet sleazy nature. Although he is profane, boisterous, and has an obnoxiously loud and distinctive laugh, Dukov is nevertheless charismatic. He is concerned only with his material possessions, his lavish home (or "pad" as he calls it), and women.[Non-game 1]

He is one of the three surviving mercenaries hired by Allistair Tenpenny for an expedition into Fort Constantine. He is now retired, and lives in his estate (Dukov's Place) along the east bank of the Potomac River in the D.C ruins.

Daily schedule

He spends his time drinking lots of alcohol and taking Jet with Cherry and Fantasia. Though one will never see it, he talks often about his "parties" with the two girls.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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  • He refers to the Lone Wanderer as "clown shoes" if the player character is male and "sweet cheeks" if they are female. He will at times refer to female characters as "clown shoes" during generic dialogue.
  • Even though Dukov always talks about drinks, in particular, that one should serve themselves, if stealing more than two bottles, he will become hostile and attack. The girls will be marked hostile as well but will just continue to flee. The liquor cabinet he refers to, which contains the only drinks one can take without him becoming hostile, is on the second floor, in the room to the left opposite his bed.
  • Despite warnings of keeping weapons holstered, one can unholster and even fire weapons inside Dukov's place without any hostilities.
  • At one point in development, his name was either Vando or he replaced that character's role in the game.[1]

Notable quotes


Dukov appears only in Fallout 3.




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