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Stop in for a drink at the Dugout Inn. The stories are free, but the moonshine will cost you. Ask for Vadim Bobrov.Travis Miles, Diamond City Radio

The Dugout Inn is an unmarked location in Diamond City in 2287. It is owned and operated by the Bobrov Brothers, Vadim and Yefim, as a bar and hotel. The strong alcoholic beverage, Bobrov's Best moonshine, is distilled here.


This building in the city's southern dugout is a single-floor structure with a lobby bar and several rooms. A wanted poster for the quest Diamond City's Most Wanted is on the wall of the entrance corridor leading to the lobby. A Port-A-Diner is just to the right of the lobby entrance, and an unmarked bedroom farther to the right, opposite the kitchen, features Vadim and Yefim's Novice-locked terminal. An Advanced-locked storage room is at the end of the corridor behind the bar.


Notable loot

Related quests


Taking the perfectly preserved pie from the Port-A-Diner is considered stealing.


The Dugout Inn only appears in Fallout 4.