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Stop in for a drink at the Dugout Inn. The stories are free, but the moonshine will cost you. Ask for Vadim Bobrov.Travis Miles, Diamond City Radio

The Dugout Inn is a bar and hotel in Diamond City in 2287, owned and operated by the Bobrov Brothers, Vadim and Yefim. The strong alcoholic beverage, Bobrov's Best moonshine, is distilled here.


A medium sized single floor building with a number of rooms and a bar. Towards the back, there is a storage room door with an advanced lock that can be picked. Upon entering the inn there is a Port-A-Diner to the right. In the first unmarked room on the right-hand side when entering, one can find Vadim and Yefim's terminal.


Notable loot

  • Nuka-Cola Quantum - On a shelf behind the bar. The bottle is owned by the Bobrov brothers and has to be stolen.
  • Join the Railroad - In the same room as Vadim and Yefim's terminal, on the nightstand.

Related quests


To obtain a perfectly preserved pie from the Port-A-Diner in the lobby will involve more than just getting the machine to dispense one, since the item in the dispenser will be considered owned, thus making it stealing if one takes it out.


The Dugout Inn appears only in Fallout 4.