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Duck and Cover! is a skill book in Fallout 3.


Reading a copy will permanently increase the player character's Explosives skill by 1 (or 2 with Comprehension).


Closest map markerLocation description
Alexandria ArmsOn the first floor, southern-most part of the building; on a bookshelf next to a fire hose box
Charnel HouseSecond floor of the ruined house, across the plank bridge
CitadelIn the Citadel laboratory, in the restrooms in a wooden crate inside one of the stalls
Deathclaw sanctuaryOutside the entrance in a locked footlocker
Dukov's PlaceTo the south, close to the river, on a small table in a raider compound near the coast
Evergreen MillsFoundry: Lying next to a dead body on the ledge above the broken terminal off the ground. To reach it, you must jump off the stairs to the ledge.
F. Scott Key Trail & CampgroundOn a picnic table
Falls Church/Mason Dst MetroIn a ticket booth hidden behind a barricade near the glowing ones. This book only spawns when one reaches level 9.
Fort ConstantineOn a desk in the Launch Control Bunker. Can only be accessed Ted Strayer's special key.
Germantown Police HQApproximately ten yards south from the entrance to the fence maze outside of Germantown Police HQ, there is a destroyed road. Following that road south will lead to an intersection by two ruined houses. Then follow the road west for a little while and you will see a house. Look on the bookshelf.
Hamilton's hideawayIn the raider's lair on the counter by some cherry bombs and a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum
Jocko's Pop & Gas stopIn the Signal Sierra Victor drainage chamber to the east of the activating antenna mast
Monorail train wreckageNext to the bathtub, on the ground
Museum of TechnologyTo the north, inside the super mutant bunker on a desk
National ArchivesLower level in the northwest corner, in a room full of bookshelves. It is sitting on top of a school desk next to a pair of missiles
National ArchivesSub-basement in the generator room behind a Very Hard locked gate
National Guard depotDepot Offices, on a long, wooden table near a pocket of radiation on the third floor
Old OlneyIn the Olney sewers, at the end of a rocky tunnel next to a skeleton
Red Racer factoryOutside, to the north northeast, at the scavenger's bridge. It is on a shelf together with copies of Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual and Grognak the Barbarian. Must be stolen.
SatCom Array NW-07cJust to the north of the Exploding scientist truck, down in the valley next to a few car wrecks. It's on the ground next to a skeleton and an ammunition box and two Average locked grenade boxes.
Springvale schoolOn the upper floor, next to the active computer terminal past the locked library doors
Super-Duper MartTo the north, in a camp under a bridge. There is a landmine at the opening of the camp that will blow book away and potentially cause it to glitch into the wall disappearing.
Tenpenny TowerJust west of the tower, towards Warrington trainyard, in a completely destroyed house on top of a shelf. This is just northeast of the mostly intact house.
Vault 92In the Overseer's office, on a shelf
Wasteland gypsy villageSoutheastern shack with the pile of skeletal remains. Behind the turned over table next to the mini nuke.


The skill book located in the National Guard depot is noticeably bigger than the standard version.

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