Template:FO3 Template:FO3 item Duck and Cover! is a book found in Fallout 3. It is a book containing information about explosives.

Known Locations (25/25)

Fallout 3:

Number Location
1 Abandoned Shacks west of Arefu to Rockbreaker's Last Gas. North of Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal
2 Alexandria Arms: on a bookshelf in a room to the South, of the ground floor.
3 Charnel House
4 Citadel Lab: restrooms in a wooden crate inside one of the stalls.
5 Deathclaw Sanctuary, outside in a locked Footlocker
6 Dukov's Place, to the south close to the river, on a small table in a Raider "fort" on the coast.
7 Evergreen Mills foundry: Lying next to a dead body on the ledge above the broken terminal.
8 F.Scott Key Trail & Compound: On a picnic table.
9 Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro
10 Farragut West Metro Station northwest or just north of Super-Duper Mart, in a camp under a bridge.
11 Fort Constantine on a desk in the Launch Control Bunker.
12 Germantown Police HQ, halfway to Minefield, in a small Raider camp in a trainwreck. On the ground next to the bathtub. ([[Fallout 3 console commands|Template:FO3 Console]]) Coordinates (11.1,6.2) (Horizontal, Vertical Coordinates) according to Fallout 3 Map
13 Just south-west of Germantown Police HQ in a destroyed house, sitting on the top of a bookshelf. ([[Fallout 3 console commands|Template:FO3 Console]]) Coordinates (9.2,7.1) using the Fallout 3 map
14 Hamilton's Hideaway in the raider's lair on the counter by some Cherry Bombs and a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum.
15 National Archives lower level in a corner full of bookshelves. It is sitting on top of a school desk next to a pair of missiles.
16 National Archives sub-basement in the generator room behind a Very Hard locked gate.
17 National Guard Depot Offices: on a long wooden table, that looks to be a bar.
18 Old Olney Sewer: At the end of a rocky tunnel next to a skeleton.
19 SatCom Array NW-07c, to the northeast, halfway towards MDPL-05 Power Station: Next to a few car wrecks
20 Signal Sierra Victor drainage chamber near Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop, east from activating antenna mast.
21 Springvale Elementary on the upper floor, next to the active computer terminal past the locked library doors.
22 Super Mutant Bunker in The Mall, north of Museum of Technology.
23 Talon Company Camp, south of the camp towards Red Racer Factory: On shelf in the Scavenger shack. It is with Chinese Army: pecial Ops Training Manual and Grognak the Barbarian. You must steal them.
24 Tenpenny Tower: Just west of the tower, towards [[Warrington Trainyard], in a broken down house, on top of a shelf
25 Vault 92, in the overseers office on a shelf.


The book title is possibly a reference to the Fallout fan site, Duck and Cover. Also its a parody on an U.S. 60´s PSA Educational Movie, what to do if you are surprised by a Nuclear Explosion.

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