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Duchess, real name Maude,[1] is the owner and operator of the Wayward in Appalachia in 2103.


Prior to the Great War, Duchess was a drug kingpin operating out of Welch. She was under investigation from an agency that also planted surveillance material in her home. Duchess sold Buffout and had strong criminal connections, though her blackmailing of law enforcement officials (such as the police officer Gerald Whitehead)[1] kept her from being captured.[2][3] She also had a hand in the automation riots by procuring weaponry for the blue-collar miners.[4]

If she is asked about her life before the war, she will mention that she worked in pharmaceuticals and "made some friends and lots of enemies." She wants to put her old life behind her, commenting that the Duchess in Welch disappeared when the bombs dropped, a symbol for erasing her past.[5]

In 2103, Duchess is the owner of the Wayward, a tavern and inn near the overseer's camp in the Forest. Recently, she has been experiencing problems with aggressive patrons questioning her about someone named Crane.[6] She is known to make her own alcohol, which she sells to customers.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

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The Elusive Crane

Other interactionsEdit

  • Duchess is first found in her tavern, the Wayward, just across the road from the overseer's camp, being held at gunpoint by Batter, demanding information on someone named Crane. Luckily for Duchess, her good friend, the ghoul Mort, ambushes and kills Batter, saving Duchess' life, even if the player character intervenes and tries to talk Batter down, most options in conversation lead to the same result in Mort killing Batter with his 10mm pistol, or through a joint effort with the player characters. After which, she can be spoken to by the Vault 76 residents about the incident, and she asks them to help her out by luring members of Batter's group to their C.A.M.P. to find out who their leader is and deal with him so she won't have to deal with them badgering her regarding Crane anymore. She also serves as one of the new vendors in the game, selling various goods from her tavern, including Duchess's Dram, her own personal brand of liquor.
  • If notes about the Duchess of Welch have been discovered, the player character can ask Duchess if they're the same person. Duchess explains that she is not the same person (i.e. she's turned a new leaf) and that the Duchess of Welch from before the Great War is not the same person she is now, and deeply regrets the suffering she's caused as a former drug kingpin.


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Duchess appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update. Before the update, she was only mentioned in the game.



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