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The Dry Rock Gulch employee area is a location in Nuka-World in 2287.


The Dry Rock Gulch employee area is a small area surrounded by high walls. Its entrance is hidden along the exterior wall of Dry Rock Gulch, behind some tall hedges that obscure the door to the south of the eastern entrance of the main area. Alternatively, one can stand in front of the west side of the Dry Rock Gulch entrance. Look to your left behind the hedges for the door and terminal. The door is only functional after restoring power to the park from the Nuka-World power plant.

Inside the employee area are several open buildings with minor loot, and the ground is trapped with fragmentation mines spread out around the area. The entire area is infested with feral ghouls, some of which only appear upon entering the far end of the building with the power armor station in it.

Notable loot

  • SCAV! issue #5 "That No-Caps Rage!" - On the roof of the central building, accessed by stairs leading to the top of the building with the power armor station and then crossing a catwalk.
  • Stacks of Nuka-Cade tickets - Inside a wooden crate, in the room with the power armor station.
  • Around 12 Nuka-Cade tokens - Near the power armor station.


  • It is possible to access the employee area before the power is turned on, by doing some creative rock climbing near the east entrance or using the power armor's jet pack. Climb up the giant red Nuka-Cola bottle that's leaning against the wall on the east side of Dry Gulch near the outhouses. After the bottle, turn right and jump up the rocks, through the gap and around the left side for a spot where one can get on top of the outer stone wall, from which they can drop into the employee area.
  • One can exit the area by accessing the roof of the building along the southern wall. Use the system of makeshift ladders and walkways between the buildings to access the lower roof, then jump up to the upper roof using the stack of crates and machinery at its edge. One can then jump onto the machinery at the very top, and easily jump to the top of the wall. Be careful not to jump too far, as it is easy to overjump the wall and fall several stories to the ground outside of the park. Alternatively, the player character can just use fast travel.


The Dry Rock Gulch employee area appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.