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For the pre-War company, see Drumlin Diner (company).

The Drumlin Diner is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Upon approaching the diner for the first time, the Sole Survivor overhears a dispute between chems dealer Wolfgang, Jet addict Patrick, and Trudy—the owner of the diner, who has converted it into a shop. Apparently, Trudy's son Patrick is hooked on Wolfgang's Jet but is unable to pay for the chems to feed his addiction. In lieu of Patrick's inability to pay, Wolfgang expects Trudy to supply compensation.


A small, oval-shaped diner with a small sized car park surrounding the exterior. Many of the diner's tables are broken or missing. There's a floor safe in the area to the right upon entering the diner via the front door.


Notable lootEdit


  • If Trudy is defended, Wolfgang must either be killed or intimidated into leaving; Trudy will subsequently become an all-purpose merchant. If the Sole Survivor sides with Wolfgang, one can either kill Trudy and Wolfgang will become a merchant, or the player can talk to her and either persuade or threaten her into surrendering the money. If the threat or the persuasion is successful, both Trudy and Wolfgang will become merchants.
  • If Wolfgang dies, his corpse will become a spawning point for three raiders.
  • Located a fair walk directly south of the diner is a dilapidated house with a dog house in the back yard. This house supports random encounters.
  • When standing next to the orange car in front of the dilapidated house, look to the north west and you will see a bunker with an American flag. Inside this bunker is an eyebot that cannot be interacted with, as well as a locked door that can be opened using the attached terminal (Novice). Inside the locked area is a broken Mister Gutsy and an explosives box (both of which contain some useful items), as well as a bed.
  • There are several "Drumlin Diners" as advertised by signs and billboards, indicating it's a chain or franchise. However, this particular marked location is the only one of note in the Commonwealth.


The Drumlin Diner appears only in Fallout 4.


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