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Earn Mr. Fuzzy tokens by tossing lumps of dross through the targets!

Daily: Dross Toss is a timed daily quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

  • Go to the Dross Toss booth at Camden Park.
  • Listen to Zach.
  • Pick up the dross on the counter of the booth.
  • Equip the dross as a throwable.
  • Throw the dross into the three marked tires in the booth.

Detailed walkthrough

As part of Mistaken Identity, the quest will begin when one speaks to Zach, the Mister Handy in charge of the Dross Toss booth. After he reveals his Zach personality is not available, he tells the player character to take the dross sitting on the booth counter and toss them through the hanging tire targets like grenades. Once all five have been thrown in under two minutes, one can speak with Zach again to receive caps, Legendary scrip, Experience Points and a number of Mr. Fuzzy tokens depending on how many targets were hit. Should the player not hit at least one target, they will only receive caps and experience points.

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Go to the Dross Toss.I need to find the "Dross Toss" booth. I'm not sure what this will entail but it sounds different.
Listen to Zach
Take off Camden Park Uniform
Grab Dross to BeginI need to grab the dross on the counter to begin the timer.
Toss Dross into Container (02:00)I have these chunks of "dross" I need to toss through each of the three hanging tires before I run out of time. Piece of cake!
That was fun! I won some tokens.
That didn't go well.


Icon ps4.png The quest may not progress further than Zach saying his introductory line ("M-M-Mode: attract"). Interacting with him will only make him repeat the line, and the dross can never be picked up, making the quest unable to be completed.[patched]