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Orient MODUS' dishes to call in a resource drop from the Kovac-Muldoon.

Enclave Event: Dropped Connection is an event in Fallout 76.


MODUS would like to perform a scan of Appalachia, but the cargobot drop has misaligned the communication dishes. All Enclave members are invited to assist with the scan, in return for a supply drop from the Kovac-Muldoon.

Quick walkthrough

Event Quest: Enclave Event: Dropped Connection
Find and activate the triangulation point Alpha antenna.
Find and activate the triangulation point Beta antenna.
Find and activate the triangulation point Gamma antenna.
Wait for the resource drop crate to land.
Defeat the enemies attracted to the drop crate.
Claim the contents of the drop crate.
Reward: 20 caps, 250 XP, random ammo/consumables, possible random Enclave plasma gun, random piece of scout armor, possible random recipe/plan.

Detailed walkthrough

MODUS requests that three triangulation points be aligned for it to scan the area before he'll have the Kovac-Muldoon Platform send down a supply drop for the player characters. As each triangulation point is activated, the Kovac will radio in confirmation before requesting heading to the next one. Once the triangulation points are activated, the Kovac will scan the area before sending down the supply drop, asking anyone in the vicinity of where the drop will land to clear the area as it makes its descent, easily seen and heard by the glow from the re-entry friction and the roar it makes. Once it lands, other enemies will be attracted to the area due to the supply drop, which the Kovac will detect and have the supply drop locked until they have been dealt with. Once they have been dealt with, the Kovac will unlock the supply drop so the rewards inside can be collected, completing the quest, with the Kovac's final words being "Have a nice day." Note that while the orbital drop is accompanied by impressive effects, even if the player character stands directly where it will land, nothing will happen to them. It is possible to acquire an Enclave plasma gun as a reward from this quest, but mods for it will have to be acquired through other means, such as buying prefabricated mods from MODUS.

If the Officer on Deck quest is active, completing Dropped Connection will award one commendation needed to attain General rank and access the Appalachian Automated Launch System.

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Calibrate triangulation point AlphaMODUS has offered to call in a resource drop from the Kovac-Muldoon if we help him scan the local area. We need to activate three triangulation points before he'll give us the goodies.
Calibrate triangulation point Beta
Calibration triangulation point Gamma
Wipe out the attracted creaturesMODUS dropped in the resources for us, but it appears to attractedIn-game spelling some unwanted attention. We'll need to clear out the area before the container can unlock.
Access the resource dropWe've unlocked the container! We've completed the Resource Drop! Time to collect what's inside.


Enclave plasma gun (varied)