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He's fast and he's brutal. Killed about a dozen of my men with a goddamn driver iron. Hence his name.Major Dhatri

Driver Nephi is a leading member of the Fiends, serving under Motor-Runner. He lives in the southwest corner of the Fiend compound around the South Vegas ruins east entrance in 2281.


Driver Nephi can be found alongside six other Fiends in a burned-out building north of the Samson rock crushing plant, and south of the South Vegas ruins east entrance. He is nicknamed for the unique golf club he carries with him into battle, Nephi's golf driver.

Nephi is on Major Dhatri's hit list for the quest Three-Card Bounty. Dhatri states that First Recon had previously been sent to kill Nephi, but proved unsuccessful after multiple attempts, as Nephi tends to use his own men as meat-shields to protect himself, and is also tough enough to have managed to survive despite First Recon snipers having managed to land at least a couple confirmed shots on him.

Major Dhatri also warns that Nephi is exceptionally fast, having earned his nickname by managing to kill a dozen armed NCR troopers in melee combat before they even knew what hit them. In fact, he moves 25% faster than a normal human non-player character. Bert Gunnarsson will comment on Driver Nephi's passing after his death, but will not elaborate further on any prior relationship he had to Nephi or the Followers of the Apocalypse.

Like many Fiends, Nephi dabbles in the slave trade, and did business with Dermot and Saint James on at least one occasion. It was he that purchased the little girl and her family that went missing from Aerotech Office Park, giving 400 caps for the little girl's sister and 150 for her brother. He only paid 50 for the little girl, however, despite Dermot's best efforts to convince him to pay more and to wait until the girl got older.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.


  • Three-Card Bounty: Driver Nephi is one of the Fiend leaders that Dhatri tasks the player character with killing.



  • Driver Nephi's headless corpse will not disappear as a regular Fiend's corpse will.
  • He is one of the few named characters that are affected by the Sneering Imperialist perk.


Driver Nephi appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

  • Driver Nephi's name may be a reference to Nephi (pronounced /ˈniːfaɪ/) which are four sections of the Book of Mormon, the religious text read by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Within this text are four individuals named Nephi as well. The city of Nephi, Utah is located south of Salt Lake City.
  • Driver Nephi has an unused dialogue tree in the GECK, in which the player character can ask him basic questions about himself, his golf club, Violet, and Cook-Cook. This dialogue also reveals that Nephi is from Utah, and was once a friend of Bert Gunnarsson and a member of the Mormon Church before he fell under the influence of the Fiends and became Driver Nephi. It was also possible to inform Nephi that the Courier wanted to check on him on the behalf of Bert, in which Nephi stated he would never go back to the church.
  • "Fuckin' A right it is. This baby's my life, my love, my strong right arm. Killed a lot of fuckers with this hunk of iron, yessir."
  • "Huh? Oh, lots. More than any other Fiend - hundreds, maybe. Wham, bam, "oh god, my brains, you hit me in my brains." Easy as that."
  • "Bert? That scaly, corpse-looking fuck, you tell him I'm never going back to his little cult! Cut content"
  • "Get fucked."


Xbox 360Xbox 360 Driver Nephi is not marked as a respawning non-player character in the GECK, but scripting issues may rarely cause him to respawn some time after killing him. [verified]



  1. Cut content The Courier: "What was it that brought you out here from Utah?"
    Bert Gunnarsson: "Following a lost cause, I'm afraid. My old friend Nephi fell in with a bad crowd. Drug runners, raiders, probably worse things it's better not to dwell on. When his gang headed west, I followed. I thought perhaps I could turn him back to the Church.
    (Bert Gunnarsson's dialogue)