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Dr. Mobius' glasses are a piece of unique eyewear in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


The glasses provide a Damage Threshold of 1 as well as a bonus of +10 to Explosives and +2 to Intelligence. They can be repaired with any other type of glasses.


Dr. Mobius' glasses can be found in the easternmost room on the second floor of The Think Tank (past the Average-locked door), lying on some papers in front of the file cabinet.


  • When worn along with Dr. Mobius' glove and Dr. Mobius' scrubs, a challenge for wearing his full set of apparel called "Mobius Strip" is completed, earning the player 100 XP.
  • On the Pip-Boy, under Effects, Mobius' glasses are noted as "Mad Science Sight." In contrast, Dr. Klein's glasses are described as "Science Sight."
  • Dr. Mobius' glasses and Dr. Klein's glasses are the only two glasses which have DT and weight.


Icon pc.png Icon ps3.png Icon xbox360.png Dr. Mobius' glasses have both the eyeglasses and mask slot, causing masks such as the rebreather to be unequipped upon wearing this item.[verified]

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