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Damn! It was a failure. Well I didn't have much to work with. Sorry, you're just an idiot and will most likely remain an idiot. We can only do the operation once, sorry to say.— Dr. Lorri to a Vault Dweller with low Intelligence after an Intelligence implant

Dr. Lorri's surgeries is an unmarked quest in Fallout.

Quick walkthrough

Unmarked quest: Dr. Lorri's surgeries
Find Lorri on the 2nd floor of the Lost Hills bunker.
Speak with her about the implants
Pay for the implant operation
Reward: +1 to ones Strength, Perception, Endurance, Intelligence or Agility depending on the implant

Detailed walkthrough

Find Lorri in the Lost Hills bunker and select a suitable implant operation. Then pay for the selected implant surgery and wait for the operation procedure to finish.


SPECIAL Stat Cost Recovery Time Description PC Reaction (After Surgery)
Strength 2,000 bottle caps 3 Weeks (21 days) "That's easy to do but there's a long recovery time. It only costs 2000 scripts but takes 3 weeks to heal." You can already tell the difference.
Perception 4,000 bottle caps 1 Week (7 days) "Now that's a difficult operation. It costs 4000 scripts, but the recovery from this operation is only a week." All of your senses feel much sharper.
Endurance 3,000 bottle caps 1 Week (7 days) "This one's not that difficult. It takes about a week and will cost 3000 scripts." You feel great!
Intelligence 6,000 (3000 if INT < 4) bottle caps 3 Weeks (21 days) "This is the most complex and dangerous! It'll take 3 weeks and costs 6000 scripts." It's as if the pathways of your thoughts have direct links to everywhere in your head and your memories are much crisper.
Agility 5,000 bottle caps 3 Weeks (21 days) "This isn't that tough of an operation but it is very costly and time consuming. It will take 3 weeks and cost 5000 scripts." You flex your muscles and can feel the increased speed and control.


  • If one has an Intelligence of 3 or lower, they will get 50% off the Intelligence implant bringing it down to 3000 bottle caps. However, this does not prevent a low Intelligence Vault Dweller from taking Mentats, receiving the normal surgery first, and then receiving the surgery. Nor does it prevent a normal character from receiving both surgeries, by taking lots of Psycho, waiting for Mentat withdrawal, or its addiction for the second surgery
  • One cannot have an implant operation if their SPECIAL stat is at max for the corresponding implant surgery.
  • One cannot get an implant for their Charisma and Luck skills.