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The double-barrel shotgun is a small gun added to Fallout 3 with the Point Lookout add-on.


Double barrel shotgun expanded

Unlike the sawed-off shotgun, the double-barrel has both its barrel and stock intact, yet is quite rusty and still requires a metal strap to keep the forearm and barrels together. The gun fires both barrels at once, which forces one to reload immediately after each shot, though it has a short reload time of 0.8 seconds. The drawback to this is ammunition consumption, as again, each shot expends two shells.

This means that while The Terrible Shotgun has only two chances to jam after a full spent magazine, the double-barrel shotgun has 57. The double-barrel shotgun has an object effect that inflicts an extra 35 damage per hit when used by non-player characters against the Lone Wanderer. However, unlike other Point Lookout weapons affected by this additional damage, the double-barrel shotgun applies this damage per pellet, making it possible for the weapon to apply an extra 315 damage if all 9 pellets strike the player character. Additionally, this damage ignores Damage Resistance and is independent of the condition of the weapon, making it especially deadly in the hands of swampfolk and other non-player characters.


A fully repaired double barrel shotgun will begin to jam after 50 shots, almost halfway through the gun's health and fully break after 118 shots.



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Sawed-off shotgun 50
The Kneecapper 75
Double-barrel shotgun Point Lookout (add-on)85


  • One may be found relatively early in the add-on inside the naval recruiting center. One can also be found in the sea cave in a surfaced wooden boat containing a skeleton, shotgun shells and pre-War money.
  • It is also obtainable at the Homestead Motel, in the main lobby behind the counter and in room 1G.
  • The tribals that invade Calvert Mansion during The Local Flavor quest also carry this weapon, as do various swampfolk.
  • There is also one on the porch of Marguerite's shack, on a small table.
  • Can be purchased from several merchants across Point Lookout.
  • During the quest Hearing Voices, several shotguns can be found in the sea cave on the floor in the room where you encounter Jackson.


  • The model for the double-barrel appears to be that of a sawed-off shotgun but with a full length barrel and the stock of a combat shotgun.
  • The double-barrel shotgun cannot be repaired with the sawed-off shotgun.


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