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Report back to Oberlin, he has another job for you.

Double-Crossed Wires is a main quest in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.

Quick walkthrough[]

Detailed walkthrough[]

Speak with Oberlin. He reveals that he maintains a strong allegiance to the US Army and continues to report on the status of Vault 63 to his superiors. He recently sent Daniel with such a report, but Daniel has gone missing. Oberlin wants you to find out what happened to Daniel and the report.

Head to High Knob Lookout, where you'll find a Blood Eagle camp. Enter the tower's basement through a hatch on the south side of the tower, next to a tinker's workbench. Inside, kill all the Blood Eagles and their leader, take the key from the leader, and use it to open the door on the left wall in the first main room. In this small room, you'll find Daniel's body. Collect Oberlin's report and Daniel's holotape from his body.

Oberlin's report details that Hugo Stolz is planning to make a dangerous move soon, noting that Stolz is looking to run tests for the weather machine. In the report, Oberlin requests backup from the military to protect Shenandoah from Hugo's plan. Meanwhile, Daniel's holotape reveals the reports Chief Oberlin has been sending aren't actually making it to the military, but instead are going directly to Hugo Stolz.

Head back to the Vault 63 atrium. Optionally, question Hugo about his misleading of Oberlin. If you do so, Hugo admits to it, but describes Oberlin as a work horse that requires direction, who would be lost without a purpose given to him. You can tell Hugo that you will reveal this to Oberlin, or keep quiet for a price. Hugo will strongly advise against telling Oberlin the truth.

Return to Oberlin. He notices you came back alone and asks you what happened to Daniel. You can tell him Daniel's dead, but confessed that the reports went straight to Hugo, or you can lie and tell him you filed the report to the army. If you tell the truth, Oberlin will ask for proof; providing him the holotape is sufficient. Oberlin is upset, but glad he can rely on you. He briefly reveals his anger with "I'm going to kill that..." but stops himself. Oberlin says it's best not to tell Hugo that you've told Oberlin the truth, and rewards you for your efforts. Once both this quest and Hugo's Oldest Trick in the Book have been completed, Gathering Clouds will begin.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Talk to OberlinI finished looking into the emergency signal from the Vault 63 Organics Sector. I was able help Hilda with her experiment and return to the atrium to inform Oberlin of the situation. He mentioned having another job for me. I'd better go and see what he needs.
? Go to High Knob LookoutOberlin has tasked me with investigating the High Knob Lookout to find out what happened to Daniel. He said it was west of Dark Hollow Manor, so I should head that way and investigate.
? Infiltrate the Blood Eagle HideoutHigh Knob Lookout is overrun with Blood Eagles. I should head in and drive them out while searching for any sign of Daniel. Oberlin didn't want his report to fall into the wrong hands, so I should also keep an eye out for it just in case Daniel lost it.
? Search for Daniel in the HideoutWhile looking for Daniel I found the Blood Eagle leader in the High Knob Lookout basement. I have a feeling if I take out the leader, the rest will scatter.
? Kill the Blood Eagle LeaderI killed the Blood Eagle leader in High Knob Lookout's basement. I should search their body to make sure they haven't taken Oberlin's report.
? Collect the key from the Blood Eagle LeaderStill no sign of Daniel or Oberlin's Report, but the Blood Eagle leader had a set of keys on them. Maybe Daniel is locked up somewhere nearby? I hope I'm not too late.
? Find DanielI used the key I found on the Blood Eagle leader to open a locked door in the basement where I found Daniel's body. The Blood Eagles had him caged downstairs. He had Oberlin's report on him, but also a holotape. I should take that too.
? Collect Oberlin's ReportI found Oberlin's report on Daniel's body. Looks like the Blood Eagles hadn't taken it from him yet. There's also a holotape on Daniel's person. I should take it too, just in case its part of Oberlin's report.
? Collect Daniel's HolotapeThere was a holotape on Daniel's body. The tape contains Daniel admitting to Oberlin that he never reported into the army at all - it all went back to Hugo. It sounds like the Blood Eagles found him while he was recording.
? Report back to OberlinI've done all I can here. Daniel is dead, I found Oberlin's report and a holotape containing Daniel's confession. Turns out Oberlin was never in contact with the military, it was Hugo deceiving him all along. Should I report back to Oberlin or question Hugo?
? (Optional) Question HugoHugo explained that he was faking Oberlin's communication with the military. His reason was to give Oberlin hope all these years underground. He asked me not to destroy that hope. I should report back to Oberlin, but should I tell him about Hugo's deception?