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This is a transcript for dialogue with Dorothea Dias.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
46 004058F1 00407F27 Yes! Take that, ethics committee! Doctor Dorothea Dias lives again! Player has just resurrected you as a robot
63 00407EFE 00407F24 It is done! In the right hands, these tools will easily defeat my previously undefeatable turrets! Aaaand bonus! Some collateral damage. Huzzah! triumphant mania
64 00407EFF 00407F16 We're still talking about the turret controls, right?
65 00407F00 00407F20 What we need is to expand! Seek out other sources of electricity and snuff them out! Create chaos! Let only the strongest machines survive! lost in thought as you work at a manic pace
67 00407F02 00407F18 What we need are a set of tools... but not just any set of tools! No, merely hijacking the command communication signals would be too easy! lost in thought as you work at a manic pace
69 00407F04 00407F23 Yes, I see it all so clearly now. My only true intellectual rival is myself! The enemy was within all along. Muwhahahaha! lost in thought as you work at a manic pace
73 00407F09 00407F26 Yes, lasers! That's just what I'll add on this unimpressive robot body. Lasers! What an excellent idea, doctor!
74 What did you need, again?
75 00407F0B 00407F2E Of course I do! You're just so forgettably mediocre at your job that I can't be bothered to remember your name. What do you want?!
76 00407F0D 00407F1D Oh, who are you? You aren't part of the research team... realizing you don't recognize the player
144 0056BEF5 0056BF1C I don't remember you from the research team... concerned/confused
152 0056BEFC 0056BF19 Yes! I don't have time to give autographs or teach students, so you better beat it!
153 0056BEFD 0056BF07 Fools! There is no bypass. You think I designed a perfectly balanced machine of destruction just so you people could walk right through it?
154 That stupid thing you said, which I've already forgotten, made me think of something brilliant!
155 Dismantling my own work would be an interesting challenge. To the fabricators!
161 005856E5 00585706 Fine, fine! I can tell you're someone without vision. You can't stand being in the shadow of a real auteur like myself, can you?
162 Dismantling my own work is the only true challenge I'm ever going to have in this world, isn't it?
163 Alas. To the fabricators!