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I'm about the rarest thing out here in the Wastes; a mercenary who lived long enough to retire.

Dominic D'Ellsadro is the town guard of Canterbury Commons in the year 2277.


Dominic was born in 2237. He was once the leader of a small squad of mercenaries, but after one too many near-death experiences, he retired with a small fortune of scavenged goods. He has been in Canterbury Commons for about 10 of his 40 years, and since arriving, his natural leadership has made him a very respected figure in the community. Ernest Roe handles the day-to-day negotiations and arrangements with the traders who pass through and keep the settlement functioning, while Dom handles any security or emergency concerns. Don's companion, Machete, is treated like a cross between a daughter and a soldier. He is trying to teach her to act as security for the settlement.[Non-canon 1][clarification needed]


Dominic is on friendly terms with the people living in Canterbury Commons. Although not related by blood, he treats Machete like a daughter.

Daily schedule

During the day, Dominic D'Ellsadro can be found patrolling the streets of Canterbury Commons or eating at the town diner. At night, he sleeps at Dominic and Machete's house which is at the end of the main street.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Leather armor .32 pistol Dominic's house key


  • Dominic can be heard talking with Machete, ordering her to be nicer to the visitors, with the threat that he will tell everyone about her crush on Derek if she does not change her attitude.
  • Like Machete, Dominic can be killed while patrolling the town by nearby enemies.
  • Dominic appears in ending slides.

Notable quotes


Dominic D'Ellsadro appears only in Fallout 3.