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This is a transcript for dialogue with Dominic D'Ellsadro.


CCDirCaravan Where do the caravans set up? Neutral 50 You can find them out front. If you didn't see them coming in, that probably means they're all out on trips. 1
Happy 10 If you're not in a hurry, you can wait a day or two. They'll be back around in time. 2
CCDirExit That's all I need to know. Neutral 50 Stay out of trouble. 3
CCDirFood Where can I get some food? Neutral 50 Go talk with Porter, over in the Diner. He'll set you right for food. 4
CCDirections Can I get some directions around town? Neutral 50 No problem. What're you looking for? 5
CCFirstMeeting1A No worries. I wasn't planning on stealing anything. Happy 25 Sounds like a good plan. Keeps the traders happy, that way. And it means Machete and I get to save on ammo. 6
CCFirstMeeting1B Do you personally threaten every visitor to your town? Happy 40 When I can find time for it, sure. In the guarding business, it's the personal touches that make all the difference. 7
Happy 15 Anyway, welcome to town, don't cause trouble, threats of violent justice, so on, so forth. You look like you know the drill. 8
CCFirstMeeting1C Maybe I can introduce a new pastime: shooting nosy guards in the face. Anger 10 Sure, you do that. We can take turns shooting each other, teams are "the whole damned town" versus "your face." Our team's got a winning record. 9
Happy 35 Now, if we're done with this little pissing contest, I've got to get back to work. But I can tell we're just going to be best friends forever. {Full of nasty "cheerfulness", especially on the last sentence.} 10
CCTownHistory1 What can you tell me about Canterbury Commons? Happy 25 Canterbury's a good town. Roe's done a damned good job setting up the place, and no one can handle the day-to-day details like him. 11
Neutral 50 But when it comes to the big stuff, that's when he needs a little help. That's where I come in. 12
CCTownHistory2A What do you mean, "the big stuff"? Anger 10 Life and death matters, putting down thieves, protecting people from raiders who are shortsighted or stupid enough to attack, that sort of thing. 13
Happy 40 Pretty much, anything the man can't solve by talking at it. And don't misunderstand, he can solve a lot of things that way. 14
CCTownHistory2B How did you get this position? Happy 50 I'm about the rarest thing out here in the Wastes: a mercenary who lived long enough to retire. 15
Happy 25 I used to sell my services around here, so it was a natural place to settle down. Not a bad sort of retirement, honestly. 16
CCTownHistory2C Okay, that's enough. Happy 10 If you're done asking questions, I'm sure there's something I should be keeping an eye on. 17
GREETING GREETING Happy 25 Newcomer to town, huh? Well, I'm Dominic D'Ellsadro, and welcome to Canterbury Commons. Try to ignore the idiots in the costumes. 18
Happy 10 Popular activities around town are trading, listening to Roe yap, and burying thieves in unmarked graves. {Not unpleasant, but definitely with an edge at the end.} 19
Happy 25 Course, we ran out of thieves to bury long ago. Saw to it myself. Might be a dead art, unless you're planning on stealing anything. {A mild threat} 20
GREETING Happy 5 Staying out of trouble? Good, good. 21
MS02AboutAntAgonizer What can you tell me about the AntAgonizer? Anger 50 I don't know who she is, other than a crazy with an ant suit and a chip on her shoulder for humanity. {annoyed} 22
Surprise 25 She wasn't much trouble by herself, really. Her attacks were a joke, but at least stories of her kept some of the raiders at bay. 23
Anger 15 If it helps, she was always attacking from the warrens up North. Maybe you can find her ant nest in there. 24
MS02AboutMechanist What can you tell me about the Mechanist? Disgust 25 You mean Scott Wollinksi. I refuse to call him by that ridiculous name just because his head got a screw loose. {feels sorry the guy, but annoyed he's causing problems} 25
Neutral 50 He used to be a damned good friend, and not just because he fixed my guns up. 26
Anger 50 Now he spends all his time up in that 'bot shop, just thinking about fighting that AntAgonizer. Hardly even recognizes his own name, anymore. 27
MS02AboutOther Know anything else that could help me stop them? Neutral 50 If you could just get make either one of them stop fighting, it'd do the trick. You probably wouldn't have to worry about the other one. {amused} 28
Happy 25 I can't imagine Scott attacking the town with his robots, and that AntAgonizer girl was never much more than a sideshow freak by herself. 29
Anger 25 Roe may prefer that you're thorough, but all I care about is that you get the job done, one way or the other. 30
Do you know anything about the AntAgonizer or the Mechanist?
What do you know about the AntAgonizer and the Mechanist? Anger 25 Roe hired you put a stop to their shit, did he? Guess he finally listened when I told him I haven't got the time to do it myself. {annoyed} 31
Anger 50 It's easy enough to hide inside when those two square off, but they're only getting worse about it all. 32
What do you know about the AntAgonizer and the Mechanist? Anger 25 What do you want to know about them? {annoyed} 33
MS02AboutSupersExit That's enough about them. Neutral 25 Fine by me. 34


CCGuardTalk1 CCGuardTalk1 Happy 15 Whoa, calm down there. Attitude like that'll just get someone hurt... plus, it puts the locals on edge. 35
CCGuardTalk1 Neutral 25 Relax, girl. We're not in a war zone, we're just making sure the market's safe. Stop scaring the locals, okay? 36
CCGuardTalk3 CCGuardTalk3 Happy 25 Girl, if you don't relax a little, you're going to snap in half. Now, get going, before you take someone's head off. {Amused by her attitude} 37
CCGuardTalk3 Happy 25 Lady, if you don't calm down, I'm going to let Derek know about your crush on him. That'll give you something else to think about. {Amused by her attitude} 38
GOODBYE I'm leaving. Happy 25 I'll be watching you. {Friendly, very slightly threatening} 39
I have to go now. Happy 25 Sounds like a good plan. 40
I have to go now. Happy 25 You know you can rely on me for that. 41
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 We appreciate you taking care of our town's little problem. 42
HELLO Happy 50 Nice work cleaning up the town. 43
HELLO Anger 50 I've got my eye on you. 44
HELLO Happy 10 I got my eye on you. {Matter-of-fact, a little friendly} 45
HELLO Happy 10 No need to look so nervous... right? {Matter-of-fact, a little friendly} 46
HELLO Happy 10 Ernest, the good news is we ain't dead, yet. 47
HELLO Happy 10 Ernest, I've seen worse nights. But we aren't dead yet, and that's always a good sign. 48
HELLO Happy 5 Hey, Machete. Report in. You see anything odd out there? {businesslike, but a little friendly} 49
HELLO Happy 5 Machete, what's the word from your watch? {businesslike, but a little friendly} 50